Riverdale returns and brings us Veronica and Reggie as an item?


Riverdale is back following their winter break, and with it comes death, questions, and a kiss between Veronica and Reggie.

After what felt like a long winter break, Riverdale has returned. And while we were slightly disappointed that the quarantine storyline seemed to be a non-starter, we have to admit that we were intrigued by the direction the show has chosen to go with Veronica and Reggie.

Even though Archie chose to break up with Veronica before he ran off on his quest to get away from Riverdale, we all know that she did not actually agree with this separation. However, it looks like maybe Veronica is ready to move on after all.

Throughout this new episode we got to watch as Reggie and Veronica did what they do best — work side by side. And when Reggie gets beat up by Hiram Lodge’s gargoyle gang, it is clear that she is ready to do something to protect her business partner. Except, it doesn’t feel like a business relationship anymore (or at least not strictly business).

And when Veronica works to protect her business and thwart her father, it is clear that Reggie is impressed with her and what she can do. Through the entire episode, there seems to be this interesting tension between the two that left us wondering what would Archie think.

But it was only in the last few minutes of the episode that we truly see a pay off of what has been building, and not just in this episode, but over the course of this entire season. Listening to Veronica sing at her speakeasy as Reggie comes down the stairs almost made it seem like she was singing for him. And the looks they shared with each other made it clear that there is plenty of chemistry between them. However, it was the actual kiss that had us stopping and watching again.

Clearly Veronica is no longer with Archie and it may be time to move on. But will it really be with Reggie? Somehow it just doesn’t seem right that Archie and Veronica are not together. Since the very beginning it has been Archie and Veronica against the world, and to see her moving on with someone new (even if it is Reggie) just seems weird and even a little wrong.

However, while it may seem weird now, perhaps this is exactly what Riverdale needs – some shaking things up. New relationships can be a good thing to infuse new life into a story, and if anyone needs something new I would have to say it would be Veronica. She needs something new to fixate on and why not make that Reggie?

We really can’t wait to see if something comes out of the kiss between Reggie and Veronica. Will their relationship take a new turn or will it be like they never kissed? Honestly, we can’t wait to see how Riverdale takes this story and runs with it. And of course, we definitely want to see what happens with Archie if and when he returns to the fold.

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What did you think of this episode? Do you think Riverdale is going to go further with Veronica and Reggie’s relationship or do you think this kiss was a one-off? Tell us what you think in the comments.