Crazy Ex-Girlfriend review: A steamy kiss, games, and sports analogies


Rebecca finds herself in a bit of a predicament when she babysits for Darryl and Greg comes over to talk on this week’s episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend put the end to the love square that was happening in Rebecca’s life this week by bringing together Rebecca and Greg. When Darryl needs a babysitter, he asks ifRebecca can watch her biological daughter for the weekend.

Throughout this entire season, Rebecca has pretended Hebecca didn’t exist. When asked about her, she has to say “who” most the time and finally, this week, she revealed what was keeping her from meeting her daughter.

She agreed to help Darryl have a daughter at one of her most vulnerable moments and, from there, has had to try and figure out her life around the idea that, somewhere out there, she has offspring.

It takes her a long time to sort through her feelings about Hebecca because it isn’t just that she doesn’t know her daughter but rather that she’s afraid of what she helped bring into this world. Rebecca isn’t too fond of her genes and expresses that as she’s freaking out since Hebecca wouldn’t calm down for her.

While Rebecca is trapped with her daughter, Paula is trying to celebrate her graduation from law school without telling her friends that she actually graduated and is having a game night at her home. The problem is that she separated everyone into teams and it means that Hector and Valencia are on a team and Josh and Nathaniel (who only came because he thought that Rebecca was going to be there).

Back with Rebecca, she’s not only dealing with her crying daughter who clearly doesn’t want to be near her but also Greg came over to talk to her about his feelings that he couldn’t deny any longer. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get Rebecca off his mind and he ends up blurting that out to her and so the two kiss and have sex on Darryl’s floor (poor Darryl).

The two though seem to be a lot more mature about their relationship this time around, aware of their ability to make mistakes but knowing that they have to communicate with each other. Personally, I’m excited about it. Greg and Rebecca were my favorite couple on the show because, even at their lowest, they deserved each other. He’s the kind of character who will call out Rebecca when she’s going to the extreme and she’ll hold Greg accountable for his actions. Together, maybe they’ll actually work this time around and not crash and burn.

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This may not bring the end to the love square though. At the end of the episode, Nathaniel clearly is ready to talk to Rebecca about his feelings and overhears her telling Paula about her and Greg kissing once Rebecca and Darryl join Paula’s party.

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