19 throwback singles we can’t believe are already turning 10 in 2019

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“Bad Romance” – Lady Gaga

Now I’m starting to feel really old. It seems like just yesterday that Lady Gaga made her grand entrance onto the pop music scene with “Just Dance,” but it has officially been over a decade. Her debut album The Fame was released in 2008, and the lead single became a sleeper hit, and then the album’s second single “Poker Face” really put Gaga on the map. In 2009, “Love Game” and “Paparazzi” also blew up, and that’s when the Gaga we all fell in love with was born.

Most of us were pretty sure the uber-talented Gaga wasn’t going to be a one-album wonder, but you can never be too sure. Even the most talented artists fade into obscurity sometimes, just because they can’t match the success of their debut album. Luckily for all of us, Gaga’s follow-up, The Fame Monster, got even better.

The Fame Monster was planned as a reissue of her debut album, but they decided to release the eight new songs on their own standalone EP in November 2009. The lead single, “Bad Romance,” left us all shook. That’s when we all knew that Gaga was a force to be reckoned with and she wouldn’t be gone anytime soon. The song was odd, but that’s what audiences came to expect from Gaga. It was also catchy, and the music video gave us all choreography to learn that we could use whenever the song comes on (not that I do that or anything…).

Of course, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that since then, Gaga has won countless awards, including two Golden Globes, and — not to jinx it — is on her way to the Oscars as well, after her showstopping performance in A Star Is Born. You definitely won’t be seeing the last of Gaga anytime soon!