19 throwback singles we can’t believe are already turning 10 in 2019

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“Waking Up In Vegas” – Katy Perry

It seems weird to think of Katy Perry as a newcomer, but in 2009, she was still coming off of her debut album One of the Boys, released in 2008. She had a more indie-pop vibe, and blew up with her hit singles “I Kissed a Girl” and “Hot n Cold,” and of course, “Waking Up in Vegas,” which was the final single from the album.

The album earned Perry two Grammy nominations and solidified her status as a pop star. Back then, she was touring on Warped Tour and doing smaller venues, even opening for No Doubt on their 2009 summer tour. Now look at her, taking over the world one stadium at a time! But in 2009, she was still just a rising star and “Waking Up In Vegas” fit her vintage showgirl aesthetic perfectly.

“Waking Up In Vegas” is exactly what the title makes it seem, with Perry and her boyfriend going to Vegas, getting trashed, and losing all their money. The music video opens with Perry and her boyfriend, broke and out of options, putting their last coin in a slot machine, and then flashing back to what happened the night before when they were big winners at the casino. The couple parties with Elvis impersonators, throws around money, and sits at the high roller tables before losing it all.