Star Wars Resistance preview: Kaz minds the acquisitions shop for a day


Flix and Orka have to handle some personal business, so in exchange for ship parts, they leave the shop in the care of Kaz. It should be smooth sailing, but life just loves throwing obstacles in Kaz’s way.

Money is hard to come by on the Colossus. Since Kaz and the others need parts for the Fireball, he comes up with an easy solution. Instead of paying for parts with credits they don’t have, he’ll offer his services as a worker and pay Flix and Orka with a favor. It’s a smart plan, but with Kaz at the helm, we can’t help but imagine Flix and Orka regretting that decision.

Don’t get us wrong, we think Kaz is a capable young man. He thinks quickly on his feet and he can be pretty resourceful when he wants to be. His piloting skills also shine when he puts his mind into it, like how we saw in “Bibo.” The thing is he can get ahead of himself sometimes, or people can take advantage of his genuinely good personality.

Something else to also take into consideration? Kaz’s daily routine primarily involves two activities: spending time working as a mechanic and rushing off to do a task for the Resistance. He doesn’t have customer service experience. Then again, he has such a warm and pleasant attitude, he might excel at the job. We should give him the benefit of the doubt, especially since he’s proven time and time again how he’s a valuable asset in any operation.

Still, we have this nagging feeling, and the preview doesn’t help. Flix and Orka emphasize with capital letters and exclamation points to not sell anything from the back room. Whatever’s back there, it could be “a weapon or dangerously destructive or both.” We just know Kaz will end up in a serious predicament one way or another. The question is how will he get himself and the acquisitions shop out of it in one piece?

Watch Flix and Orka leave their shop in Kaz’s hands in this recent preview:

What’s fascinating about this clip is how it gives us a glimpse into Flix and Orka’s relationship. They’re both going to visit Flix’s mother. While they are colleagues and work together, we get the feeling there’s something more going on there, which is absolutely fantastic. We also love how they have a pet gorg. They’re obviously a couple and no one can convince us otherwise.

Before Flix and Orka head out, they mention they’ll be back later that night. We can already imagine an eventful day for Kaz as he tries to keep things in order. Here’s hoping BB-8 is around to offer some much-needed assistance. After all, let’s not forget Kaz is a novice when it comes to being a mechanic, so he might not know what to look for if he gets a request.

Unfortunately for him, a customer with connections to the First Order arrives at his doorstep. While this is bad news for him, it could also be an opportunity to learn more important information and pass that along to the Resistance. That said, it does make us question Flix and Orka’s business. Have they been conducting transactions with shady and sketchy characters?

Or worse, do Flix and Orka have ties to the First Order? Here’s hoping that’s not the case, since they seem to be generally good people and enjoy their work at the Colossus. For now, we’ll just have to patiently wait for Sunday to come around and see what the new episode has to offer.

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