Dwayne Johnson is calling for a Fast and Furious/Thor crossover with Chris Hemsworth


Dwayne Johnson’s got a radical movie idea: A Fast & Furious crossover with Thor. And he thinks he knows who’ll win in a fight between Hobbs and Thor.

If you thought Thor: Ragnarok would be as good as it gets when it comes to Thor movies, think again. It’s time to amp up the machismo, bravado, and all around underlying testosterone-driven themes of those movies and take it to the max. But how, you might ask? By adding in a dash of Fast & Furious into the franchise.

Of course, due credit goes to Fast & Furious’ own Dwayne Johnson, who came up with the idea. On his newest game show, The Titan Games, Johnson actually called out Chris Hemsworth, suggesting the idea. It all started with him holding a sledgehammer before introducing the next segment of the show, and then (we’re sure) the idea just came to him.

On Twitter, Johnson shared the clip of him lightheartedly calling Hemsworth out — even going so far as to mention Marvel Studios’ president, Kevin Feige, to help make it happen.

“Now I know why my buddy Chris Hemsworth likes to put on that Thor costume,” Johnson said while holding the hammer in the clip. “I mean, there’s real power in wielding a hammer like this. I got an idea, guys. How about we make a Thor and Fast & Furious movie? You guys want to do that?”

The crowd cheered on Johnson as he made the suggestion for quite possibly the best* crossover movie Hollywood has ever seen. (*I’m using best lightly, here.) Then, he went on to give his pitch for the movie, which is probably what Kevin Feige himself will have to go on if he wants to get this movie approved.

“The God of Thunder, Thor himself, comes flying in, you know?” he said, starting his pitch off very strong. “And then ‘Wham!’ He gets stopped by the real God of Thunder,” Johnson finished, obviously referring to himself a the so-called “real God of Thunder.”

While Johnson thinks it’s box office gold, Kevin Feige or Chris Hemsworth probably wouldn’t agree with him by that point. There can only be one God of Thunder, and we know what happens in Marvel movies when someone tries to take the throne from a king. It never works out. (Honestly, just ask Loki or Killmonger.)

So could Luke Hobbs really go against Thor? There’s really no need for a long essay to debate this, because the answer is absolutely not. Sorry, Mr. Johnson. Thor is an age-old god who has lightning powers and has an extremely powerful hammer (and axe). Hobbs can drive a car really well. So if Fast & Furious: Hobbs and Thor is all about drag racing, then maybe Hobbs has a chance. But if it’s just good old-fashioned fist-to-fist fighting, there’s no way Thor can be beaten.

As ComicBook.com mentions, Johnson and Hemsworth are very much buddies on social media, and the two always joke around comparing each other’s workout routines and congratulating one other on being Hollywood’s most buff and good-looking men alive. And since this is all in good fun, we’re sure Hemsworth will have something equally as funny to say in response when he sees that his buddy called him out.

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While Fast & Furious: Hobbs and Thor (thankfully) isn’t a movie we’ll ever see in the theaters, we can still see Dwayne Johnson in Fast & Furious: Hobbs and Shaw on Aug. 2. And we’ll see Thor very soon in Avengers: Endgame, out April 26.