Game of Thrones: Could Sansa’s hairstyle in season 8 be copying Daenerys?


Sophie Turner says in an interview that Sansa is doing her hair her own way now, but fans are suggesting this might not be the case.

During an interview with InStyle, Sophie Turner not only talked about how she handled her hair when it came to Game of Thrones filming, but, perhaps more importantly, she also talked about theories related to Sansa’s hairstyles on the show.

You’ve likely heard fan theories about how Sansa’s hairstyle reflects what the character is going through and how her hairstyles imitate whatever woman in power she is trying to impress or gain favor with. So, in earlier seasons, her hair was similar to Cersei’s and then Margaery’s. Turner is aware of these theories, and she gave some insight about the hairstyles and the connection.

"It’s true, there’s definitely a correlation. For so long, Sansa’s hair changed season by season depending on who was influencing her. The first few episodes she was a Northerner in Winterfell and took after her mother with a simple braid down the back. Then when she went to King’s Landing it was a big, decadent halo that was very much like what the Queen wore. With Littlefinger, she dyes her hair black and wears all black. Then she goes back to Winterfell and returns to her mother’s hair."

As far as how Sansa’s hairstyle will reveal insight into her character in season 8, Turner said, “She created her own identity in season 7 and that kind of runs through to season 8. She’s chosen how she wants her hair to be, and she’s finally the leader and influencer instead of being influenced by everyone else.”

According to Turner, Sansa is taking her identity into her own hands and trying to be her own person instead of copying others. However, another fan theory suggests that Sansa might be trying to emulate Daenerys’ hair. Maybe Sansa isn’t as uninfluenced as Turner suggests? Perhaps she is trying to get on Daenerys’ good side? Given the clip that was released showing Sansa and Daenerys interacting in season 8, it seems there might be some tension between the two characters going forward.

When it comes to the behind-the-scenes aspects of Sansa’s hair, things have changed there as well. Turner was asked to not wash her hair around season 5 during filming. Earlier, while Sansa was still living in luxury, she was able to wash her during filming, but the showrunners wanted to ensure everyone had realistic looking hair given their situation. However, Turner finally switched over to a wig, ensuring that she could wash her hair when she needed to.

Hopefully, all that experience will make future projects even easier!

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