Let’s just pretend that Creedence Barebone is a Riddle instead


It’s just as likely that Credence Barebone could be Riddle as he could be a Dumbledore so why don’t we just pretend that he’s Voldemort’s dad instead?

Look, Credence Barebone being a Dumbledore doesn’t make that much sense. Sure, we trust J.K Rowling to work it out but did Albus just forget about his brother? Aberforth straight up told Harry about their entire family tree and…nothing?

It just seems a little suspect that Grindelwald somehow found a mysterious Dumbledore that no one knew about and brought him into the picture just to mess with his old friend. The setup could be just to give us something to believe to trick us down the line but here’s the better option: Let him be Voldemort’s dad.

Sure, we know a bit of Voldemort’s family history but also these movies are already throwing things we know out the window so what’s the difference anyway? If we can have him with Nagini, it’d make sense as to why Voldemort is so close to her. It’d be that much more interesting and it wouldn’t be this surprise Dumbledore that we’ve never randomly heard of before.

Maybe Credence is no one, maybe he just was lied to and he’ll go back to being a random kid that no one heard of and that’ll be that. Or maybe there truly is something more to his character just…please explain why Aberforth just didn’t tell Harry about him when he told him literally everything else about the Dumbledore family and their history.

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Do you think Credence is really a Dumbledore or is it a lie to just get Grindelwald closer to Albus? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think!