Titans: What’s the deal with Rachel’s mom, Angela?


The DC Universe Titans has reimagined some members of the team and its supporting characters, and Rachel’s mom, Angela, is no different.

So far, Titans has shown a strong willingness to deviate in its lore from Teen Titans affiliated comics. In particular, the writers’ room has already taken some creative liberties when it comes to Rachel’s mom, Angela. We’re still not sure if Angela is legitimately untrustworthy like the last few episodes of the series seem to indicate or if there are some extenuating circumstances contributing to her evil actions.

After all, Angela is a pacifist who vehemently protests Trigon’s infernal schemes and abuses in the comics. We’re not sure if season 2 (and further seasons) will touch on any Azarath mythos, aside from Angela’s surname. However, it’s clear that Angela has a much different incarnation in the series, at least on the surface level.

Regardless, we have a couple of theories when it comes to Angela Azarath.

She might not actually be Rachel’s biological mother

Given the similar cult and demonic backstory the series shares with any Raven-related comic appearances, a mysterious undertone runs in the background of Rachel’s journey to understand her chaotic family tree and the extent of her abilities. Distrusting her demon dad is obvious, but it’s also fair to subject any member of the Roth/Azarath household to some skepticism.

The Organization had nefarious plans for Rachel, seeing as they’re a part of Trigon’s cult. The abduction of Rachel’s mother would give Trigon’s followers time to find a maternal stand-in who aligns with the cult. (Or they could have taken a page from Cadmus and cloned her mom.)

Granted, Angela could really be her mother, seeing as the gaps in Rachel’s back story would conversely give Trigon enough time to reprogram her consciousness or entirely strip her of her bodily autonomy.

She’s already possessed

Though Angela’s narrative isn’t a panel-by-panel reiteration of the comics, she might not necessarily be Angela. More accurately, her actions might not be piloted by her.

Bodysnatchers of Trigon’s interdimensional sect and cloning aside, we already know from the Titans finale and the case of Dick Grayson that Trigon has the ability to turn people into walking husks after he breaks their psyches.

Dick might show obvious signs of possession at the end of the first season’s final episode, which would normally indicate that Angela isn’t under Trigon’s control, or at least now out of his power’s grasp. However, we’re not sure how Trigon’s TV counterpart implements his abilities, the shelf life of his possessed victims, or how the possessions manifest in the long term.

Angela’s seemingly normal appearance — in that her eyes aren’t hollowed out dark voids like Dick’s concluding moments in episode 11 — could foreshadow a revelation of the long-term effects of Trigon’s possessions. Her apparently invisible possession would account for her sudden change in behavior after she, Gar, Rachel, and Kory get back to the Azarath household. The house is implicitly connected to Trigon in some aspect, given the ominous non-existent cell phone service that is reminiscent of every horror movie.

Trigon is canonically manipulative, and he has innate powers that allow him to cast illusions and ultimately possess individuals. At some point before the mom and daughter duo reunite on-screen, Trigon could have used Rachel’s wellbeing against Angela as emotional leverage to get her to comply with his plot to use his daughter as a living portal.

Since Rachel’s mom admittedly hates Trigon in the comic history, it’s more likely that the demon in a human facade has influenced Angela either via emotional manipulation or via his illusion casting.

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There could still be other reasons for Angela’s demonic alliance with her abusive husband. However, we’re still convinced that she isn’t completely in control of her free will, if she even has any control. Our feverish theorizing won’t unveil any answers about Angela’s unorthodox actions or her real intentions. That won’t stop us, though.