Crazy Ex-Girlfriend preview: There is still so much Rebecca has to deal with


Men fighting over her, a daughter she never acknowledged, and more. Rebecca Bunch has a lot to deal with on this week’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is giving us a lot of Rebecca dealing with the men in her life. Last week, we saw as Miss Rebecca Bunch watched all her exes meet up outside of her door and then leave, making it a little difficult for Rebecca to understand what was going on.

So what does that leave for Rebecca this week? Well, more importantly, Rebecca has a daughter with Darryl that she’s never bothered to meet. To be fair, she was in jail and then going through her own psychology needs before being okay to meet a daughter she helped Darryl have. But now that her life is a bit more normalized, why hasn’t she attempted to meet her daughter yet?

We can only assume that Rebecca is finally going to see her, but is she going to have any kind of relationship with her… or is it just one of those things about Rebecca that we know but she never follows through on? It’s clear that Darryl wants Rebecca to know her daughter, he’s brought it up multiple times but still, Rebecca doesn’t seem to care even now that she and Darryl have a better relationship with one another.

Maybe it is because, on top of dealing with her own daughter, Rebecca is also trying to understand why all these men suddenly are back in her life and trying to get her attention. Nathaniel isn’t new, but Josh and Greg again? She went from a love triangle to a love square, and it doesn’t seem like she has the ability to separate all of it.

Would it be best if Rebecca just sat down and had a conversation with everyone about what is going on? Probably, but it is Rebecca. And we can only imagine what she’ll get into on this week’s episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

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