Project Runway All Stars season 7 episode 3 live stream: Watch online


Project Runway All Stars will be bringing back the fan favorite unconventional challenge. Will these winning designers hold the ticket to success?

Project Runway All Stars is ready to take flight on another unconventional challenge adventure. While fans love seeing how designers turn non-traditional materials into stunning designs, the winning designers might be wishing for a travel delay.

According to Lifetime, the synopsis states: “Season winners face the dreaded ‘Unconventional Challenge’ on board an airplane; Tamron Hall and Martha Hunt guest judge.”

This week’s challenge offers a huge promotion of one of the season’s sponsors, Southwest Airlines. While that airline is often known for its non-traditional approach to travel, it will be interesting to see how the designers find the balance between innovation and elevation.

Truthfully, this particular challenge shouldn’t be as difficult for the designers. If the materials are sourced from an airplane, the materials aren’t too unconventional. Seat belts are fabric. The cushions are fabric. What can make this challenge so unconventional?

In previous seasons, the designers had to turn paper into stunning dresses. Sometimes, they had to use plastic. Sourcing material from an airplane might not be the hardest challenge, especially for designers of this caliber.

One aspect that could make this episode more intriguing would be for the look to be practical, like a design for one of the flight attendants. While this type of challenge has been done before, it could push the creativity level of the designers.

Another interesting option would be for the designers to create a travel outfit from the unconventional materials. While yoga pants or sweats are comfy, they aren’t always the most stylish travel outfit. What if the designers could make a design that referenced the materials, Southwest Airlines’ color scheme, and a person’s love of travel? That idea could be a stretch for these designers.

After last week’s designs, these winners need to push the envelope more. The designs have been rather safe and a little redundant. Where is the innovation and excitement that fans want?

Will this week’s episode bring the fashion to new heights? Ready to watch Project Runway All Stars this week? Here’s how.

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Project Runway All Stars Season 7 will air on Lifetime on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT.