6 plot points we want to see taken further on Titans season 2


While we’re waiting for Titans season 2 to finish filming and debut on DC Universe, we already have a few ideas on content we’d like to see in the next season. After all, if we can have a gift wish list, then why can’t we have a wish list for Titans season 2?

The first season of Titans just started streaming internationally on Netflix, but we’re already ready for season 2. We know we’ll have to wait until later in the year to watch the second season on DC Universe. The between season purgatory won’t stop us from making dozens of fan edits and thoroughly investigated the first season for any clues. Beyond taping into our inner detection Grayson, we already have an idea of what subplots we’d like to see in the upcoming second season.

1. Training scenes with Rachel

As we’ve already learned from the first season, the most felicitous person to fight and defeat Trigon is his own daughter, Rachel (along with her unspoken team of course). While Rachel has similar innately demonic powers as Trigon, she still has a clumsy grasp around her abilities.

The non-possessed team will have to meander around Trigon’s mind barrier and his illusion projections before they save Rachel and help her learn and train her abilities. However, we already have a feeling that season two will at least partly focus on Rachel learning more of her powers and how to control them.

2. Rachel taking down Trigon

Naturally, Rachel still needs to do some extensive training and trial and error to understand her powers. If and when we see her fight Trigon, we probably won’t see her ultimately defeat him. If season 2 gives us the demonic showdown we’re looking toward to, we’ll probably see Rachel banish Trigon through another portal, but we still consider that a combat accomplishment.

Considering that Trigon is an interdimensional demon, who has an even more nefarious back story in his cinematically shrouded subplot, we can’t expect that Trigon will be taken down permanently in the second season. We wouldn’t want that either because intermittent intergalactic threats should be treated with the recurring villainous arcs they deserve.

3. Kory creating her own identity

Kory still has a lot of memory to regain. While we want to learn how the series has adapted Starfire’s backstory into the series, we’re more interested to see the new identity that Kory creates for herself as she starts to regain her memories in its entirety.

From the first season, we already know that Kory is powerful. Emotionally and physically, she’s as a dynamic fighter as she is an emphatic role model. We want Kory to remember her past and who she is in the entirety of her identity so she can decide who she wants to be, because there’s intrinsic power in being able to redefine your identity.

While Kory doesn’t have much context in her backstory yet, she already has depth to her influential personality, and we’re excited to see how she chooses to redefine her selfdom.

4. Kory flying

Just like we want Kory to remember her past and mold her own identity, we’re also impatiently waiting to watch her discover her own abilities after her post-amnesia revelations. We hope one of the abilities Kory relearns is her power of flight.

After all, who wouldn’t want to see Starfire finally fly on the series? (The villains are obviously excluded from this rhetorical poll.)

5. More of Garfield and Kory’s backstory in general

We just want to know more about Garfield and Kory. While the “Doom Patrol” episode slightly touched on Gar’s life before he joined the Titans, we still don’t know much about his backstory. Similar to Kory and Rachel, he still doesn’t know the full extent of his powers.

As season two hopefully interjects Gar and Kory’s narratives into the season’s plot, we’d also like to see them explore their abilities and character growth along the way.

6. The team officially formed

Okay, the team is technically formed, seeing as the four key characters all cohesively work together. However, we just want to team to officially say they’re a team. Obviously, hearing them dub themselves the Titans is implicitly on our wish list. However, we just want Dick, Garfield, Kory, and Rachel (and Dawn, Hank, Donna, and Jason) to recognize and embrace the fact that they’re a team and a family.

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Like our growing wish list, the Titans season two roster will likely continue to expand after Conner Kent joins the tea. However, we just want the team to explicitly become a team, so they can strengthen their family dynamics.

Did we miss something that you want to see in Titans season 2? Let us know in the comments section!