Outlander’s Murtagh is Harry Potter’s Severus Snape, just better


If you are a fan of both Outlander and Harry Potter then you might have noticed Murtagh Fraser is an improved version of Professor Severus Snape.

Harry Potter fans have curious relationship with Professor Severus Snape. We want to love him, but we can’t ignore the terrible things he did, and because of that, we can’t love him. It’s a shame he wasn’t written in the same way as Outlander’s Murtagh Fraser. Because he is, when you compare the two characters, the improved version of Snape.

In Harry Potter, Snape loves Lily, the mom of our main character. In Outlander, Murtagh loved Ellen, the mom of the main character Jamie Fraser. That is where the exact similarities end, however, thereafter Murtagh is an improvement on Snape.

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Whereas Snape hated James Potter, and obviously didn’t approve of Lily’s choice of husband and ultimately played a major hand in both of their deaths. Murtagh, while not being overly happy about being passed over by Ellen. Accepted it. He took it in his stride and stayed a supportive friend.

Then we have how Snape treated Harry Potter and how Murtagh treated Jamie Fraser. The children of the woman they loved but could not be with. While Snape detested, bullied and mistreated Harry, for he was a constant reminder of James. Murtagh watched over Jamie, was kind to him, defended him whenever he could, and was even appointed Godfather and is somewhat father figure to Jamie now.

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We can probably go further in the comparisons but you get the idea. Everything that paints a black mark on Snape and makes it hard to love him as a character. Murtagh did right. Murtagh is officially the improved version of Snape.

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Are you a fan of both Harry Potter and Outlander? Have you noticed how Murtagh is like Snape but better? What do you think of the comparison? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.