Crazy Ex-Girlfriend follow-up: What is Rebecca going to do about all these men?


Rebecca Bunch is back and as confused as ever, all while trying to figure out her relationships with Greg, Nathaniel, and Josh.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has always been about Rebecca trying to figure herself out and dealing with the men in her life. The problem now is that Rebecca is just starting to get her life in order and every man she’s ever loved is back and wanting her again.

Greg Serrano came back from business school ready to reconnect with Rebecca. Then she told him that she slept with his dad and he spent this entire episode coming to terms with the fact that he still couldn’t stop thinking about her.

Rebecca, essentially, stalked Josh to no end, made it seem like she was perfect for him, and then went off the wall when he left her at the altar. Now that they’re living together, her feelings for Josh are returning and they most definitely should not.

Then, there is Nathaniel. The man who used Rebecca and who would feed into her plans of destruction in a terrible way but who wants nothing more than to be a better person for Rebecca. So where does that leave our girl?

Clearly, extremely confused.

The end of this week’s episode, she walked out to find her exes standing before her, ready to tell her about their feelings and she’s just now starting to get her life on track. So it isn’t exactly a good idea that she takes on another relationship with any of them. That being said, out of all of them, Greg is the one who has changed the most and for the better.

Josh definitely hasn’t. If anything, he’s worse off now than he was before. He lived with Hector’s mom until everyone told him it was strange and made him move out. Now that he’s living with Rebecca, it would continue to be a terrible idea for the two of them to get together.

For Nathaniel, he still has to remind everyone he’s trying to be a better person. He still goes back to his old ways and doesn’t really know how to function outside of his normal behavior.

So, that leaves Greg. He’s someone Rebecca clearly loved, is sober and studying in school and is getting ready to take control of his life again. If Rebecca was going to go back with any of these men, he’d be the best choice.

Sure, their relationship was “a sh-t show” as the song pointed out, but they’ve both changed so much since he was last with her in West Covina. Rebecca went to a psychologist, Greg went to school, and the two began to grow up in a way they never could have done before if they’d stayed in a relationship. Absence may or may not make the heart grow fonder, but it does offer progression and personal growth.

Maybe Rebecca should stay single. Or if she does want to be in a relationship, perhaps go for someone completely new. If she really wants to improve upon herself, going back to old baggage doesn’t seem like the best strategy…

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