Crazy Ex-Girlfriend review: Rebecca has a lot of exes and cats…


If you hate the musical, Cats, as much as Rebecca does, get ready for this week’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend! Because it is filled with cats, exes, and lots of lighting changes.

Rebecca Bunch has a lot on her plate but all she wants in this week’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is to get laid. The problem is that, no matter how hard she tries, something usually comes and stands in her way. In the form of Cats, Rebecca gets a glimpse of what is going on with her nether region with jazzy dance numbers, different kinds of cats, and through the tracking of her dates with Jason.

Jason, a man Rebecca had gone on dates with before, comes back into her life when she needs someone to sleep with to help her forget about her exes. So, she goes to dinner with him but because she’s been doing spin classes to lose weight, Rebecca develops a yeast infection. Instead of just telling Jason, Rebecca reschedules their date and over corrects her infection, which leads to Funky Cat (honestly, the best of them and not to be confused with Friends‘ Smelly Cat).

Meanwhile, Greg and Nathaniel become friends at the gym, despite White Josh seeing it happening, and start to work out together and get to know one another. Though they never say her name, they’re both talking about their ex throughout their friendship and what she did to them.

There’s a lovely running bit where every time Greg and Nathaniel go to say something that stereotypes women, they stop and, instead, say “We can’t say that anymore” to which, later, Rebecca and Valencia say “Men, can’t live with them, can’t murder them because we can still say that.”

Though Rebecca seems to work hard throughout the entire episode to get over her exes, she can’t escape them because she ends up seeing them all outside her door by the end. Greg and Nathaniel both talk each other into going to talk to their ex about how they are feeling and when Nathaniel shows up at Rebecca’s once Greg is already there, they realize that they are the two men Rebecca talked about.

So where does that leave Rebecca? We have the knowledge that a) she hears Cats in her head when she has feminine issues and b) that her exes still have feelings for her, even Nathaniel, who she told she needed to get away from.

Should she go back with any of these men? Probably not, because they all led to Rebecca seeking help to become the Rebecca she is now. But, out of all of them, Greg Serrano is the only one who changed just as much as Rebecca has.

Sure, Nathaniel is trying. But he still isn’t ready for a full blown relationship again and, if they can make it work, Rebecca and Greg are great for each other in the sense that they hold each other accountable and they make the other want to be a better person. We’ll have to wait and see what happens though.

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