Shadow and Bone is coming to Netflix: 5 things we can’t wait to see

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Sturmhond’s adventures

Another fan-favorite character from The Grisha Trilogy is Nikolai Lantsov, the younger prince of Ravka who frequently disguises himself as a privateer and pirate called Sturmhond. When the Darkling takes Alina and Mal captive, he hires Sturmhond and his crew to transport them as they search for the second amplifier.

Of course, Nikolai has other plans in mind for the famous Sun Summoner. He helps them escape the Darkling’s clutches, making himself the only human bold enough to stand up to the Darkling throughout the entire trilogy. Nikolai—and Sturmhond—get into plenty of other trouble throughout both series, too.

Not only will the inclusion of Sturmhond add some action and humor to the Netflix series, but it could also set the show up for another season. Nikolai is getting his own duology starting this month, after all, and that could provide even more story for the show runners to work with.

The Dregs

The characters are the best part of Bardugo’s Six of Crows duology, which follows a group of outcasts as they attempt to break into the impenetrable Ice Court. Most of these outcasts are members of a street gang dubbed the Dregs, and seeing such eccentric characters brought from page to screen will be satisfying for longtime fans.

The real challenge, though, will be recreating the dynamic between these characters onscreen. Bardugo’s characters have such chemistry throughout Six of Crows, and their personalities complement each other perfectly. It’ll take a talented set of actors—hopefully with plenty of their own chemistry—to capture the quirkiness of Kaz Brekker’s crew, but we have faith that the producers will find the right people for the job.

The heist

It’s unclear how the series’ producers will fit the events of both of Bardugo’s series into one eight-episode run, but fans can probably assume they’ll try to mesh the two plots together somehow. Whatever path they decide to take, we hope that we’ll see at least one of the major heists that occurs during the Six of Crows duology.

After all, Kaz would hardly have a decent role in the show if he weren’t planning some impossible scheme. His infiltration of the Ice Court is brilliant and suspenseful, making it perfect for the screen. And you know it would be amazing to see the intricate details of the fortress itself beyond the confines of fans’ imaginations.

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Information regarding the timeline for Shadow and Bone has yet to be revealed, though Bardugo promised fans a newsletter with more details about the series. Hopefully, we won’t need to wait too long for casting news—though it’ll certainly be fun speculating who could fill which roles.