Shadow and Bone is coming to Netflix: 5 things we can’t wait to see

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Leigh Bardugo’s Grishaverse novels are officially being adapted by Netflix, and fans can’t wait to see some of their favorite parts of the books brought to life.

Alongside an article from Deadline, author Leigh Bardugo announced on Instagram yesterday that her young adult fantasy novels set in the Grishaverse will be adapted into an eight-episode Netflix series.

The series will combine her Grisha Trilogy with her Six of Crows duology, featuring her Russian-inspired fantasy realm, Grisha magic, and characters from both stories.

Read Bardugo’s entire Instagram post about the show here:

Fans concerned about the quality of the adaptation can rest knowing that the series will at least be in capable hands. Not only will Bardugo serve as an executive producer on the show, meaning the author will have some say in the changes made, but Eric Heisserer of Netflix’s Bird Box and Shawn Levy of Stranger Things will also be writing and producing the series.

Given the small number of episodes, one huge question among Bardugo’s fan base is how the writers will fit the events from both series into just one season. It’s unlikely that the Netflix adaptation will cover everything that happens, but hopefully it will include the most important details of both stories. And if the series is successful, there’s always a chance for a second season.

Whatever route the show runners take, here are some things fans really want to see from Netflix’s Shadow and Bone.

The Darkling

Any time The Grisha Trilogy comes up in conversation, mention of the Darkling is basically inevitable. The villain of the original trilogy is beloved by most fans of the books, and it will be exciting to see him brought to life. The Darkling is both charming and deceitful, the type of villain that’s both relatable and merciless.

His relationship with the trilogy’s main character, Alina Starkov, is also a fascinating one—especially as the two go from being love interests to enemies who relate to one another on some level. It’ll be interesting to see how the series handles their relationship, and with any hope, it’ll do the Darkling’s character justice in the process. If there’s anything Netflix needs to get right, it’s that.

Grisha magic

While it will be exciting to see the entirety of Bardugo’s fantasy world brought to life, it’ll be especially fun to see how the series handles the Grisha magic system that plays such a prominent role in both of her series. Magic users are broken up into three categories: Corporalki, Etherealki, and Materialki.

Corporalki, like Six of Crows’ Nina, have the power to heal or hurt other humans with a simple hand movement. Etherealki can control natural elements, such as wind or fire, and Materialki can easily manipulate composite materials, like metal and glass. The Etherealki powers will likely be the most difficult to reproduce onscreen, but hopefully Netflix will give the series enough of a budget to handle the effects well.

Of course, the Darkling and Alina have unique Grisha powers that allow them to influence darkness and light, respectively. Their powers, which are said to be far stronger than those of other Grisha, should be especially fascinating onscreen—and will also require a fair amount of special effects to get right.

We just hope Bardugo’s Grisha magic looks as amazing as the books make it sound.