Dog responding to Harry Potter spells is the best thing you’re going to see all day


Fancy seeing something awesome today. Check out the dog that responds to Harry Potter spells. Trust me, it’s great.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter has produced some absolutely brilliant things over the years. Of course, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter has been the best thing ever, but there are some other great things that have come along as well. Like a dog responding to Harry Potter spells.

How many hours it must have taken to train a dog to respond to all of these Harry Potter spells must be astronomical. I mean, there is commitment to a cause, and then there is this level of commitment. It really is astounding.

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The dog is gaining popularity fast as well. YouTuber Anna Brisbin shared the ridiculously adorable video of the dog online. Responding to spells like Stupefy and Wingardium Leviosa.

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Since sharing the video via her official social media accounts. The video has since been shared over a hundred thousand times and liked over a quarter of a million times. And that is just on Twitter.

You can check out the video for yourself just below. Try not to get too excited while you watch it, going “awwwww.”

It’s pretty good, right? Do you think you could ever train your dog to respond to Harry Potter spells like this? I don’t think I could. Not becasue I don’t have the patience or anything. I just think my Husky would just look at me with his big olde floppy tongue sticking out, wondering why on earth I was waving my wand and saying random words at him.

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What did you think of the video? What was your favorite spell? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.