What do the 1970s have to do with Avengers: Endgame?


Potential spoilers suggest that a visit to the 1970s is in order for Avengers: Endgame, but what actually happened then for the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

With Avengers: Endgame looking more and more like some sort of time travel is going to be involved, given Samuel L. Jackson’s recent comments about Captain Marvel, there’s a certain hint of plausibility to the following potential spoiler unearthed by ComicBook.com, which cites IMDb’s cast list to say that the ’70s as a decade will appear in the film somehow.

If you buy this, then you may ask why this would matter at all. We haven’t really seen much of the ’70s in the MCU, but the fans have taken what snippets we do know and put them into a fairly easy-to-digest timeline.

Most of the key events revolve around Tony and Howard Stark. As the timeline points out, the ’70s featured the Stark Expo 74, which included a gift from Howard to his son in the future: help in improving the Arc Reactor. As we also know, the Arc Reactor and the Tesseract have some connections. We also know that the Tesseract features in Captain Marvel; although this is more about Endgame, the fact that these two movies are so close suggests that the Stark connection might be the important one here.

One other essential character shows up on the timeline: Nick Fury. Granted, the details are pretty light, but it does mean that there’s potential for an even younger Fury than the one we’ll meet in Captain Marvel. How much more hair could he have?

Finally, Yondu actually appears as well, as he is “freed from Kree slavery,” per the timeline. Again, it’s a bit tenuous, but Captain Marvel’s importance in the film means we can’t rule out the Kree somehow being important. However, it’s the least likely of the three.

As ComicBook.com reports, the two roles we have to theorize with are for a “Scientist/Lab Worker” and a “Car Girl.” How very descriptive, right? While it’s entirely possible that Fury could encounter these people in Russia on his mission, a scientist and a car girl could very well suggest someone at the expo to explain some of the new Stark technology and a girl, well, getting out of a car — or acting as a model for a new vehicle at the expo.

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However, as ComicBook.com notes, this is still more in the rumor stage than the true, confirmed spoiler. At the same time, though, there are specific events that could tie into either major characters, major technologies, or a bit of both in the case of the Stark Expo.