Here’s your perfect vacation destination based on your Myers-Briggs personality type

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ISTJ (The Logistician): Berlin, Germany

You’re a meticulous planner and you’ve probably spent a few months (or years) saving for this vacation. You’ve mapped out what restaurants are within walking distance of your hotel, and the best strategy to hit all the biggest attractions around town. With your flawless itinerary in hand, you should enjoy a deliciously well-deserved exploration in Germany.

ISFJ (The Defender): Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

You’re thorough, loyal, thoughtful, and you probably love to a fault. For your vacation, you need to get far away from your life and experience the wonderful culture that other parts of the world can offer. But being who you are, of course, you need a fantastic selection of souvenirs to bring home to your loved ones. Be sure to visit the markets and souks that Abu Dhabi has to offer.

ESTJ (The Executive): Italy

You’re a natural born leader, honest, and dedicated. You take pride in bringing people together (and you have a knack for it), so start planning your next family reunion to Italy. You’re loyal to traditions, family, and community, and nothing would bring you more happiness than to plan a trip that encompasses all of that.

ESFJ (The Consul): Portland, Oregon

You’re a social butterfly, everyone’s biggest cheerleader, and a committed and loyal loved one. Head to a bed & breakfast with some of your closest friends. You’ll get time to spend with loved ones while also enjoying the local community. It’s a perfect mix for an ESFJ.