Netflix hints Black Mirror: Bandersnatch has one more scene for you to unlock


Just when you thought you’d seen, or at least heard of, all possible endings to Black Mirror’s Bandersnatch, Netflix reveals a scene you might have missed.

When Black Mirror: Bandersnatch was first released by Netflix, many fans were stressed about trying to figure out how to unlock all of the footage and different endings and possibilities.

Getting to all of the alternate options is no easy feat, so it’s a good thing the internet is always there to help out. While there have been many guides and graphs showing all the different options and choices you can make, it looks like there is still one other scene that most people didn’t know about.

Even the most dedicated fans might have missed something, at least according to Netflix. The account put out a tweet about a scene that was hard to get to and offered a hint about how to get it. As Mashable points out, Netflix UK & Ireland tweeted that viewers (or players or whatever Netflix would like to call them) need to pick up Stefan’s family photo two times in a row. Doing so will reveal some an alternate path that viewers might not have been seen before.

Of course, people on Twitter had a lot of feelings about this. Some people noted that this tweet was pulling them back in even though they thought they had already spent enough time and energy on the episode. Other people were wondering what the scene was because they didn’t want to spend more time on the show.

We wonder if Netflix will give any more hints in the future about scenes we might have missed. To be honest, we don’t really mind the help and would love to dig up some buried scenes.

Spoiler alert: If you do want to know what happens after you pick up the family photo twice, it ends with quite the violent outcome. A few days before Netflix even tweeted about the additional ending, Reddit user Pancakepalpatine explained a weird outcome they got — the same result that happens when you pick up the picture twice. They write:

"In this ending, Stefan turns around from his computer, and the author of the original Bandersnatch book (unless I’m horribly mistaken) stabs him in the stomach. The author is smiling the whole time. Stefan crumples over and wakes up in bed."

As others on r/blackmirror agree, this is indeed the outcome you get when you pick up the photo twice.

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Did you figure out this obscure ending on your own? Or did you have no idea until you saw this tweet? Tell us your experience, or any of your other Bandersnatch thoughts, below.