Marvel’s Spider-Man for PS4 will get a Fantastic Four addition


Marvel Games teased that something “fantastic” is coming to Spider-Man for PS4. It’ll be a Fantastic Four add-on, but what could it be?

Insomniac Games, you’re too kind. Not only have you wrapped up three DLC shorts back to back after the release of Marvel’s Spider-Man in September and appeased the fans clawing at your feet for a Sam Raimi suit, but you’re also putting out something for the new year as well. We don’t deserve you, and yet you fight on for us.

With that love letter out the way, something new for Marvel’s Spider-Man truly is on the way for 2019. And as Marvel Games puts it, it will be totally “fantastic.”

This comes during Marvel’s celebration of Fantastic Four week, as they announce Fantastic Four-related news to look forward to — including the addition of The Thing in Marvel Contest of Champions and the Fantastic Four team in Marvel Future Fight.

During a live stream for Fantastic Four week’s videogame showcase, Marvel’s Ryan Penagos revealed, “something fantastic is coming to Marvel’s Spider-Man real soon.” But unfortunately, that’s all he could reveal because Marvel, of course, likes to keep its secrets. In Marvel’s tweet of the same news, Insomniac Games replied with the eyes emoji, but that’s all they could say as well.

While the other video game announcements on the live stream revealed that new characters from the Fantastic Four family would be joining their games, it’s unlikely that a Fantastic Four character would just show up in the game, since there’s no more planned DLC. As much as we’d like to see Sue Storm or The Thing get in on the action, the “fantastic” addition will probably be something a little smaller than a hero cameo.

On Twitter, most fans are speculating that it will be a new suit for Spider-Man to wear. The game already has dozens of suits from Spider-Man comics history, and it wouldn’t be hard for Insomniac to push the suit without having it attached to a DLC.

Fans seem to think it could be two different suits (both pictured in the tweets below). The first is a suit from the Future Foundation, a group Spider-Man joined that was created by Mister Fantastic. The second is the Bombastic Bagman suit, one that Peter Parker wore to make an escape from the Fantastic Four headquarters.

If it isn’t a suit that’s added to the game, another fan on Twitter guessed that the Baxter Building, the Fantastic Four’s headquarters, could also be added to the game. Spider-Man already has building Easter eggs, including the Avengers Tower, the Sanctum Sanctorum, and the Wakandan Embassy. But having a building pop up randomly in the middle of Manhattan might be a bit odd, unless you’re willing to suspend your disbelief.

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Marvel Games hasn’t revealed when the Fantastic Four add-on will be available just yet, but they’re encouraging us to keep an eye out very soon.