J.K. Rowling has some pro-tips to share with aspiring authors


If you have ambitions of writing your very own novel then take note of the tips that J.K. Rowling has to share with you all.

Some people would pay hundreds, perhaps thousands, of dollars for professional writing tips. J.K. Rowling, on the other hand, is giving away her tips for free. Her experience and insight into the writing world could prove invaluable to any aspiring author. And all it will cost you is your time.

Avaible to read and take in at your own leisure. J.K. Rowling took part in a three-part Q+A session on the subject of writing and is up on her website for all to see.

Opening up straight away with her tips on writing. Rowling gives advice that might take you by surprise at first. Pointing out that she found success with Harry Potter by going against the norm. She highlights that during the time she wrote Harry Potter she was given advice such as:

"Male protagonists are unfashionable. Boarding schools are anathema. No kids book should be longer than 45,000 words."

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Rowling then goes on, discussing subjects of, reading, discipline, resilience and humility, courage and independence. Giving advise and helpful tips on each subject.

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She even recommends a website for new and aspiring authors. Explaining how useful a resource it is for those who are trying to decide what to do. The website goes into what things might be worth paying for, and what should be avoided. Explaining how, when she started out, there were not as many scams out there which exist now.

The Q+A then moves onto what Rowling loves most about writing, before asking the question that probably all writers fear. What it is like to have your work scrutinized?

It’s a great read for all writers, not just aspiring and new writers. With something for everyone to take away.

You can read it for yourself right here.

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So what did you think of the pro-tips by J.K. Rowling? Share your thoughts by dropping a comment just below.