Harry Potter Easter egg we all missed in Fantastic Beasts


You would think we would all be pretty good at spotting the Harry Potter connections in Fantastic Beasts, but we all missed this particular one.

One of the best things about the Wizarding World prequel movies is the connections to Harry Potter. Fans have been having lots of fun spotting the connections in the Fantastic Beasts movies, and we are still spotting new ones to this very day.

Thanks to one eagle-eyed Potterhead. A new Harry Potter Easter egg has been spotted, one that has been staring at us since before Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald even came out.

It’s starring right at us in the Fantastic Beasts trailer. A trailer that has been out since September. Check out the trailer below, it happens at 2:06, let’s see if you can spot it before we talk about it.

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Now if you didn’t get it. Don’t worry. It is one of the much harder Harry Potter Easter eggs to spot.

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Ok, so like I said. The Easter egg happens at 2:06. And it is when everyone is standing on the bridge leading to Hogwarts. The scene occurs at the very end of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald while everyone awaits for Dumbledore to show up.

Here is an image of the scene.


In this scene, everyone is staring directly at Dumbledore, who is walking directly towards them, except for Jacob. Who is looking off in another direction? Now when this image first came out, fans did wonder what he would be looking at, with many assuming it was Queenie, or just at something random. After all, he is a Muggle being shown the Wizarding World. There is plenty to look at in awe.

This is where the Easter egg comes into play. Because as the Fantastic Beasts movie shows us, Jacob isn’t looking at anything in particular. He doesn’t even mention anything. However, if you remember your Harry Potter trivia you would know.

Because in the Harry Potter franchise, Hermione explains that when a muggle comes close to magical schools like Hogwarts they enter the protective charms and spells put up to sway muggles away. Hermione tells Harry that when they get too close to Hogwarts they see devasted ruins and who knows what else.

Meaning, while everyone else is looking at the great school of Hogwarts in all its glory. Jacob is staring at a pile of ruins, and what must be to him, a scary place. Hence the look of, “Why on earth are we here?”

Or maybe he was thinking, “You went to school here? What is wrong with you people?”

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So what do you think of the Easter egg? Did you spot it before today? Share your thoughts, including what you think Jacob sees, by dropping a comment below.