The Good Place preview: At last, the real Good Place


The Good Place returns from hiatus with an episode that hopefully answers some very outstanding questions. And makes our characters really think.

It’s been a scary handful of weeks without new episodes of The Good Place on my television.

But we’re truly living in the happiest of timelines, with January 10 bringing both The Good Place and Brooklyn Nine-Nine back into our lives. And back-to-back!

In case you’ve completely forgotten what’s happened since we last saw Eleanor, Michael, and everyone else, here’s a quick little reminder: They attempted to infiltrate the Accountant’s files regarding the point system, only to find that it’s been far, far too long since anyone made it into the Good Place.

So they packaged themselves up and threw themselves into a mail tube headed straight for the real Good Place and arrived, lack of swearing and all!

Here’s the official synopsis, courtesy of NBC:

"Michael’s resolve is put to the test. Meanwhile, Jason wrestles with his feelings and Chidi surprises Eleanor."

This episode is aptly titled “The Book of Dougs,” since that’s the only thing the team brought along with them. But how will this particular book help them prove to whoever’s currently in the Good Place that the Bad Place has tampered with things?

I’m also going to wager a guess that Jason’s feelings will be played out a bit more, since he and Tahani found Janet’s secret stash of their wedding photos. That’s going to resonate a lot with Jason, even if he doesn’t remember (and doesn’t have a lot of brains). Even if he and Tahani’s marriage is strictly platonic, there’s still something else there…

Also, I don’t know how Chidi can surprise Eleanor any more than his confession last episode, but we’ll see what the show brings!

With only a handful of episodes left, the show has quite a bit still hanging out there. Then again, this is a show that does well when the odds are stacked against it. They like to turn the tables on us viewers and reset everything in different ways.

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We’ll just have to sit back and see where the rest of season three takes us!