LEGOLAND Florida is getting totally awesome LEGO Movie-themed hotel rooms


LEGOLAND Florida Resort is even more awesome. With new THE LEGO MOVIE WORLD-themed rooms, everyone can become part of the movie.

LEGOLAND Florida Resort is kicking things up a notch for all the LEGO (and LEGO Movie) fans out there. According to the LEGOLAND Florida Resort blog, new hotel rooms are coming based on THE LEGO MOVIE WORLD — a new LEGOLAND section that’s poised to be ready in spring 2019. Since the rooms are meant for families, it might be a good idea to grab a friend or stay at least two nights to enjoy both rooms.

Each area is totally decorated in the LEGO Movie theme. From Emmett to the colorful Unikitty, the visuals are bright and engaging. You can’t help but smile when you see these brightly colored rooms. Even the adult area (with the king-sized bed) will have people wanting to capture a little of their youthful LEGO whimsy.

Looking at these images, the bunk beds look amazing. While bunk beds might be a little hard for adults, the visuals make guests feel like they are walking into the movie. Given these details, the imagination takes over. Although you might not want to talk to the wall, maybe those fun visuals can produce some great dreams after a long day exploring the theme park.

THE LEGO MOVIE WORLD-themed rooms announcement builds excitement about the upcoming THE LEGO MOVIE WORLD addition to the LEGOLAND theme park. Announced during IAAPA 2018, LEGOLAND Florida will be opening a huge expansion to the theme park.

While the theme park area will have several rides, the most anticipated ride will be the flying theater. Guests will sit on a couch and travel through Emmett’s awesome LEGO world. It will be quite engaging for all ages.

Although theme parks entice large crowds, more and more theme park resort hotels are incorporating themed-rooms. Guests don’t want their immersive experiences to end once they exit the turnstile. They want to continue the experience until the vacation ends and normal life returns.

LEGOLAND Florida Resort has been popular with fans because the whole hotel experience is quite interactive. For example, each room has an in-room treasure hunt. These type of activities turn the hotel room into a fun event, not just a place to sleep. Since the LEGOLAND Florida Resort appeals to a younger crowd, the rooms need to have an element of entertainment.

While LEGOLAND Florida has found success with these types of more interactive rooms, it is curious that more theme park resorts haven’t found ways to make their rooms equally as interactive. Of course, the Star Wars hotel will be fully immersive. Still, other theme park properties haven’t quite gone all in.

Wouldn’t it be entertaining to have more than just a Jurassic World wallpaper in a hotel room? What if guests at Universal Orland Resort could have a Minion come tuck you in bed and leave a banana for the morning?

As guests become savvier and prices continue to rise, guests will want more for their money spent. The more outrageous, photographic and immersive will keep people coming back and talking about their experience. Two factors that companies are looking to capture.

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THE LEGO MOVIE WORLD-themed rooms will be available starting April 8, 2019. Those rooms are available to book now.

Would you consider booking one of these special LEGO-themed hotel rooms? What type of immersive hotel room would make you book a trip?