Harry Potter spells helped train this dog and it’s the best part of 2019 so far


Who knew that Harry Potter spells could be achievable if you really set your mind to it? Apparently this dog and his owner. Watch the magic unfold.

Sit? Stay? Roll over? So last year. Fetch? That’s “Accio Ball” to you, my friend. It hasn’t even been a full month into 2019, and yet a long-haired mini Dachshund named Remus has just earned the unofficial “Good Boy of the Year” award as far as we’re concerned.

YouTuber Anna Brisbin (also known as Brizzy Voices) is a Harry Potter super fan. She posts a lot of videos about the magical world and recently just released a video of her training her pup using Harry Potter spells and, honestly, we’re all a little jealous that we didn’t think of it before.

In the video, Brisbin uses actual spells from the books to teach her dog to do everything from playing dead (“Avada Kedavra”) to turning lights on and off (“Lumos”/”Nox”). Aptly named after Hogwarts Professor Remus Lupin, this little guy is incredibly adorable and is clearly smarter than all of our dogs now. Watch the video below:

Brisbin also posted the video on Twitter where it’s already gained over two million views. Fans of Brisbin and other Twitter users responded to the video with Harry Potter references and by sharing photos of their own doggos named after characters from the books.

So while I go try and teach my dog every Harry Potter spell there is to offer, let’s just appreciate the fact that Remus is now the best thing on the internet thus far this year.

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What do you think of little Remus and his new tricks? Do you have a dog named after a Harry Potter character/have you taught them any spells? Let us know in the comments below!

And in the meantime, grab yourself a Time Turner so you can watch this adorable video over and over again.