So here’s the thing about the bathroom situation at Hogwarts


By now, you’ve probably heard that Hogwarts had a bit of a bathroom situation and the thing is: It doesn’t really make that much sense with everything we know.

Hogwarts apparently didn’t have bathrooms until the 18th century which, doesn’t make sense. Salazar Slytherin put the Chamber of Secrets in Hogwarts and, if there was no plumbing system, what exactly was he doing?

Sure, we can argue a lot of other points about this but this is the real thing that doesn’t make any sense. It seems as if they threw in this information just to be like “wizards can do anything! Even vanish their own poop” and didn’t think about how, in the series, this information doesn’t necessarily track.

Who knows though, maybe Salazar Slytherin thought it’d be hilarious to put a secret chamber just in some random room and thought no one would find it and then when they went to put in the bathrooms, head of Slytherin house was like “oh crap, we gotta hide this somehow” and put it in the bathroom.

More than likely, this information was provided without anyone thinking of how Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets fits into this no toilet lay out but even if they did consider it, can someone explain why it took so long for wizards to figure out plumbing? Why would they just go to the bathroom in their pants and vanish it? How does that work out for your clothes? There are just so many questions.

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So what is the deal with the bathrooms? Who knows really but, it doesn’t make sense that Salazar Slytherin just put the Chamber of Secrets in some random room and said: “Hope this works out!”