Celebrities were all about showing love for their family at the Golden Globes


Celebrities like Sandra Oh, Darren Criss and Idris Elba were head-over-heels happy to show their love for their family at the Golden Globes. It made for some of the sweetest moments of the night.

While award shows are typically spent being watched as you check your phone during boring speeches and continuously glance at your clock to see how much longer the show will go on, there were luckily a few sweet moments that made this year’s Golden Globes worth watching.

This year, it was all about celebrities showing love for their families, many of whom came out to support them on their big night Sunday evening.

Idris Elba was one of the celebrities who was very clearly proud of his daughter, Isan Elba, who he joined at the show. You may have noticed his daughter shining brightly on stage, handing out awards to each winner. That’s because this year, Isan was chosen to be the Golden Globes Ambassador. And during the award show and interviews, the 16-year-old exuded confidence and poise. Though, as the daughter of Idris Elba, who would have expected anything less?

On the red carpet, Idris gushed over his daughter’s accomplishment. Speaking to Ryan Seacrest for an E! News interview, Idris cheered her on and did a little happy dance as Seacrest confirmed that she’d be the ambassador for the night. Then, as Idris went to reveal his advice he gave to her, it seemed like he just couldn’t resist going on about how proud he was of his visibly embarrassed daughter.

“I told her to keep her back straight, elegance is presence; smile and nod politely even if you can’t understand what anyone’s saying,” he said. “If you feel like you’re going to pass out, don’t… She’s good. She’s so confident. I’m just like, really proud. I can’t help but be a dad…. I’ll just try to be cool.”

During the night, there were a few other moments that made the show worthwhile. One of them came from co-host Sandra Oh, who won TV’s Best Performance by an Actress in the drama category for Killing Eve.

“Oh, daddy!” Oh shouted gleefully, seeing her father in the audience standing up for her as she came on the stage. After getting most of her thanks out of the way, she went on the thank her biggest supporters, her parents.

“There are two people here tonight that I’m so grateful that they’re here with me. I’d like to thank my mother and my father,” she said turning to them. “‘Eomma, Appa. Saranghaeyo,'” Oh concluded — saying “Mom, dad, I love you,” in Korean, then respectfully bowing before them.

Darren Criss also gave a shout out to his mother during his heartfelt acceptance speech. The actor, who won Best Actor in a Limited Series for his role in The Assassination of Gianni Versace, took a moment to address diversity and representation in Hollywood. And while he typically doesn’t talk about his background, Criss mentioned that he was proud to play a role in diversifying Hollywood, given his mother is Filipino.

“As we’ve seen, this has been a Marvelous year for representation in Hollywood,” Criss began. “And I am so enormously proud to be a teeny, tiny part of that as the son of a firecracker Filipino woman from Cebu that dreamed of coming to this country and getting to be invited to cool parties like this.”

Criss wrapped the speech by adding that he, of course, loved his mother and that he dedicated the award to her.

On the receiving end of the love was Regina King, who took home the best performance award for her supporting role in If Beale Street Could Talk. King’s son, Ian Alexander Jr., accompanied her to the award show, and he had nothing but good words to say about his mother. Also talking to E! News, her son called her a supermom, and King proudly made sure to point out her son was wearing a Times Up pin.

“Just for women having equality and safety in the workplace, and then all individuals. That’s really important to me — especially having a powerful woman,” he said looking over at his mother. “They rule the world.”

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It’s heartwarming to know that these celebrities and their families are starting out 2019 with positivity and good vibes, because we could all use a little love in our lives.