Jason Momoa humbly thanks his fans for making Aquaman number one


Jason Momoa went on Instagram to thank his fans for Aquaman’s box office success. The movie is once again at the top of the box office on its third weekend out.

Take a look around the web, and you might be drowning in headlines with fishy and Aquaman-related puns that tell you Aquaman is swimming to massive earnings, the movie is the king of the box office, or a big fish in a movie pond. Us writers might be having a field day indulging ourselves in these punny headlines, but it’s true. Aquaman isn’t taking a dive anytime soon.

Now reaching its third week of being number one at the box office, Aquaman himself, Jason Momoa, had to thank his sea of fans for coming out to support him.

Momoa uploaded a video to his Instagram on Saturday to show his appreciation to everyone who went out and saw the movie… all while in the most humble of settings: your everyday commercial airplane. Yes, he might be an A-list actor, but that didn’t stop him from taking the plane like the rest of us and enjoying the company of regular, everyday people. (Ok, we admit, it takes a lot to enjoy the company of other people on the plane. But Jason Momoa can!)

In the video, the actor joked about the situation, saying “I’m just on my 757 with all my friends. Everyone say ‘hi,'” he said, turning the camera around to show some of the (understandably) excited passengers behind him.

“We’re just on my private plane. No big deal,” he joked sarcastically before telling the other passengers to enjoy themselves.

But in all seriousness, Momoa did take the time to thank fans for their support, saying: “I just want to say ‘Aloha’ and I love you to all my fans and friends. And to everyone who supported Aquaman — the number one movie in the world.”

As of now, the James Wan-directed movie has made $259.7 million domestically and is close to crossing $1 billion when combined with the overseas earnings. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, this puts the movie ahead of previous DC top earners like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Wonder Woman with overseas earnings. At this point, it officially is DC’s best movie, so Aquaman fans certainly have something to be proud about.

And take it from Momoa himself, who says in the video that Aquaman is best when it’s seen the second time around. If any fans take his advice for this next weekend, it’s a sure bet that the movie can make it into the billionaire-dollar territory as fellow superhero movies Avengers: Infinity War and Black Panther did last year.

Whether Aquaman has the ability to make it to $2 billion likeInfinity War is another question. But maybe we’ll have to wait for an Aquaman sequel to get into those waters.

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Ultimately, at the end of the day, it isn’t about the money or which movie is out-earning the other; it’s the fact that any everyday person can take an airplane and possibly have Jason Momoa sitting right next to them. We might live in the worst timeline, but having Jason Momoa as a travel companion definitely makes it all a little better.