Is Harry Potter on CraveTV?


Devote Harry Potter fans will look for any way to stream the movies from Netflix to Hulu, and Amazon. But what about CraveTV? Is Harry Potter on CraveTV?

If you have the Harry Potter movies on DVD & Blu-ray then you do not know the pain Wizarding World fans face when they try to stream the movies. In short, it’s a nightmare. Trying to find who had the right’s and who can potentially show the movies is not easy.

For example, streaming giants like Netflix, do, and do not, have the rights to show the movies. They are currently not available to stream on Netflix US, but are available around the world. Australia and New Zealand have the rights to show all eight movies, as does France and Belgium. Netflix Canada has the rights to show the first Fantastic Beasts movie but that is it.

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When it comes to Hulu and Amazon. Hulu has access, but only via SYFY who acquired the rights to the movies from HBO in 2018.

You can watch them all via Amazon but only if you pay for them, and if you were going to do that you may as well but the DVD & Blu-ray collection instead.

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So yeah, it’s a bit of a headache really. And worst of all. It will probably be different in a few months or so.

Will CraveTV be any simpler? Is Harry Potter on CraveTV?

In short, no. The Wizarding World movies are not on CarveTV. After running a quick search on the streaming platform they are not currently available to watch. You never know though, it could change in the future, and if it does, you will hear about right here at Wizards and Whatnot.

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Do you use CraveTV? Would you like the Harry Potter movies to be added to the service? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.