What wand did Harry Potter end up getting after he destroyed the Elder wand?


The wand chooses the wizard and we know that wizards can have multiple wands but did Harry Potter ever get one as powerful as his first wand and the Elder wand?

Harry Potter’s first wand chose him because he held a feature from the same phoenix that resided in Lord Voldemort’s wand as well. It was powerful and got Harry through a lot but, looking back, did the wand manage to pick Harry because he had a horcrux in him or did the wand really pick Harry?

We know that, eventually, Harry’s wand gets broken and he ends up using the Elder wand before destroying it so, what kind of wand does Harry have now that he is an auror? Is it as well suited for him as the wands before or is there something missing now that he doesn’t have that part of Voldemort within him?

We know that Harry is still a very powerful wizard, even without Voldemort’s horcrux. So maybe, now, he’s even more powerful because he finally has a wand that is suited just for him, not the dueling parts of him. He doesn’t have two powerful wizards fighting inside, just Harry.

While we don’t see him use much magic in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, we know that he’s good at his job and what he does so we can only imagine that our Harry is better off without the power of Lord Voldemort inside him and with the Elder wand broken and gone. Just wish we could get that wand in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter as well!

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Do you think his wand he got is just as powerful or will any wand top the first wand he got at Ollivanders? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think!