Lindsey Lohan’s characters are running for office and rescuing gorillas, just in case you were wondering


Ever wondered what happened to Cady Heron? Or those twins from the Parent Trap? In a recent interview, Lindsey Lohan reveals where her characters are today.

Lindsey Lohan hasn’t been on screen for quite some time but that doesn’t mean the world has forgotten about her.

After all, Lohan brought to life some pretty iconic pop culture characters, including homeschooler-turned-Plastic Cady Heron in 2004’s hit Mean Girls, Jamie Lee Curtis’s body-swapping daughter Anna Coleman in 2003’s Freaky Friday remake, and Dennis Quaid’s separated-at-birth twins Annie and Hallie from 1998’s The Parent Trap. 

And if you thought these characters were memorable for you, you’re nothing compared to Lohan herself, who revealed in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly where she thinks her characters would be today. Apparently, Lohan has no intention of leaving these characters behind and shared pretty detailed explanations of what everyone’s up to in 2019.

For example, according to Lohan, Cady Heron has left North Shore High School behind and returned to Africa, where she is building homes for orphaned gorillas.

“Cady Heron is definitely back in Africa,” Lohan said, laughing, “For sure, obviously.”

Anna Coleman, safe and sound in her own body, would apparently be running for office in 2020 backed by none other than Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey.

As for The Parent Trap twins Hallie and Annie, who switched places and brought their parents back together in the process?

Apparently, they liked each other’s homelands just fine. According to Lohan’s theories, Hallie (the California girl) ends up in London as a parenting counselor while Annie (the Londonite) runs a vineyard in the Golden State.

In the interview, Lohan also revealed what happened to Maggie Peyton from Herbie Fully Loaded, Ashley Albright from Just My Luck, Aubrey Fleming from I Know Who Killed Me, Rachel Wilcox from Georgia Rule, and Casey Stuart from Life Size. And in case you’re wondering, Lola (the star of Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen) is directing the Mean Girls musical on Broadway. But of course.

“I’m pretty sure you could put every character together, and create a really good Capitol Hill Office,” she adds, “with like really good people backing them.”

You can watch Lohan’s full interview below.

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Do you think Lohan’s picks for her characters make sense? Or do you have some ideas yourself where everyone ended up?