Captain Marvel’s marketing can’t decide on Jude Law’s character


Although leaks of toy lines seemed to have confirmed Jude Law as playing one character, other press materials seem to keep him as Mar-Vell. What’s true?

Captain Marvel still holds some mysteries, and one is the identity of Jude Law’s character. There have been all kinds of theories about whom he could be playing; we’ve certainly seen him in the green uniform of the Kree Starforce, but that’s about all we know conclusively.

Evidence since, however, has started to conflict significantly. When Funko announced its line of Pop! figurines to accompany the film, a leak showed that a box initially claimed to contain Yon-Rogg, though it’s now officially “Star Commander” instead (despite the URL still suspiciously contains “Yon-Rogg”). In her analysis, Culturess’ Chelsea Jackson noted that Mar-Vell was the initial theory for Law’s character, and that has suddenly come back to the spotlight.

That’s due to AMC Theatres posting a page for the film and listing Law as “Walter Lawson/Mar-Vell.” Although CBR notes that it also has a potential runtime for the film, it lists Law as “commander of Starforce,” thereby splitting the difference. As for AMC, it’s not like the theater has to list who is playing whom. Currently, Annette Bening is listed simply as “Actor,” without any indication of her actual role. (We think we know, but we could be wrong.)

Below, you can check out a screenshot just in case this changes later:

Screenshot of AMC Theatres website taken by C. Wassenaar for Culturess

It’s clear that Marvel wants to keep this something of a secret. Ultimately, as CBR notes when it also comes to runtime, AMC is pretty reliable — it has to be to sell movie tickets and continue existing — but that doesn’t mean that this is official in the same way as it would be if, say, Marvel Studios came out and released its cast list.

Both have good chances of appearing, but the best bet now is to wait for a final trailer or even some more official material. Right now, there’s too much conflict to really come down on one side or another and say that Law is definitively playing this role. Stay tuned, Marvel fans. We’ll keep bringing you the latest.

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Captain Marvel debuts March 8.