Barack Obama lands on the Billboard charts thanks to Hamilton


Former President Barack Obama has landed on the Billboard charts after appearing on Lin-Manuel Miranda’s latest Hamildrop. It’s an emotional song you’ll want to listen to one last time.

If you were bringing on the waterworks after listening to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s latest Hamildrop, “One Last Time (44 Remix)”, you can now cry tears of joy. The remixed song has made it on the Billboard charts, evident that even years after Hamilton premiering, Miranda is not throwing away his shot.

The “One Last Time” remix was the last Hamildrop of 2018, released on Dec. 20. And while the Hamildrops always have their share of star power on the tracks, this one was extra special: it featured former President Barack Obama. The song was remixed gospel style with the vocals of BeBe Winans and cast member Christopher Jackson. And despite it being a gospel/musical genre mix, it qualified for the R&B category on the Billboard charts. Now, it’s hit Billboard’s Hot R&B Songs, debuting at number 22, also marking Obama’s debut on the charts.

Jackson, who played George Washington during the original run of Hamilton, shared his excitement on Twitter for the song’s chart debut, writing: “Fitting … seeing my ‘first charted single’ with my best, most trusted friends and collaborators…. and My President!”

While it’s not rare these days to mix presidents and mass media entertainment, Miranda still had to secure the bag to make sure he could get Obama to appear on the track. During a Q&A on Twitter Wednesday, Miranda explained how the song all came together.

According to him, he popped the question to the former president during a meeting in the summer, and Obama agreed to be part of the collaboration. Then, Jackson and Winans were called to be on the track, too. We’re sure there was probably no hesitation in answering, knowing they’d get to work with Miranda and Obama on the song.

Miranda also revealed that it didn’t take too long to get a good take from Obama. He answered a fan’s inquiry on the subject, saying it only took him four takes to get it perfect. Another fan asked if Barack Obama wanted to sing, recalling how nicely he sang Al Green at the Apollo Theater in 2012. While Miranda didn’t reveal the answer to that question, he did say he was in the room where it happened, and shared his reaction to the surprising performance.

So far, there’s been no word from Obama on social media about his charts debut. But for something like that, we’re sure adding “acclaimed Billboard musician” to his resume won’t be a problem for him. At the same time, his wife, Michelle Obama, is selling out stadiums for her book tour — so we’re convinced this is just one rockstar family.

If you want to listen to “One Last Tim (44 Remix)” just one last time, you can listen below. (And we won’t blame you if you start to get a few tears in your eyes while you listen.)

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It’ll be hard to beat whoever Lin-Manuel Miranda plans to have on his Hamildrops for 2019. But if it’s anything concerning Hamilton, we’re sure it’ll blow us all away.