Captain Marvel is coming to Disney Parks with new merch


As we gear up for the release of Captain Marvel, Disney Parks is bringing new merch to their parks for Carol Danvers and we can’t wait to get them all!

We all know that Captain Marvel is coming out this year. Wild, right? It’s already 2019, which means we only have about eight weeks until Carol Danvers hits the big screen. So, to help get fans excited about the release, Disney Parks has started to bring Captain Marvel herself into their parks as well as merchandise for the character!

Marvel is starting to get its place in Disney Parks, even an entire world dedicated to the property in Disneyland in California. But, with 2019, we are getting even more Captain Marvel in our lives and honestly, let’s just embrace it.

With merchandise already on the shopDisney site and with a line at Hot Topic, it is clear that everyone is getting ready to see Carol Danvers come to life.

Little girls and boys everywhere are going to see Carol being the strongest Avenger of them all and that’s going to be wonderful to watch. She’s powerful, snarky, and one pretty amazing woman and seeing her take on the big screen is going to be quite the sight.

It is clear from the trailers that this is one movie you’re not going to want to miss! Following Carol and her discovery of who she truly is, Captain Marvel is the first female-led superhero movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s been a long ten years coming but finally, a woman is taking the reigns and, honestly, it’s about time.

Watching as Carol Danvers takes on the Skrulls in the trailer is truly an amazing experience. For so long, women have watched from the sidelines as our heroes took on the bad guys but with Wonder Woman and now, Captain Marvel, we’re at the forefront of the superhero game and we can’t wait to see where this takes us!

Also, Nick Fury with a cat, what’s not to love?

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Check back here on Culturess for more news, reviews, and all things Captain Marvel as we get closer to the release. Captain Marvel hits theaters this March 8.