12 rewatchable highlights from the Star Wars Resistance shorts


Star Wars Resistance is on break, but it’s business as usual on the Colossus. Over the holiday break, the Disney Channel dropped 12 new shorts featuring Kaz and his friends going about their everyday lives.

When pirates aren’t attacking and the First Order isn’t making underhanded plans, people on the Colossus live simple and productive lives. Most spend their time working, others turn up for the occasional sky race, and some drop by Aunt Z’s tavern for a hard-earned drink.

While the Star Wars Resistance shorts may not provide much in terms of the overall plot of the series, they do offer a brief look at the average day of the Colossus residents.

Here are 12 highlights that brought a smile to our faces:

BB-8’s perspective

Kaz wouldn’t get very far as a Resistance spy without the assistance of BB-8. The petite astromech droid is an essential part of the mission, but has anyone ever stopped to think about how the galaxy looks like from BB-8’s perspective? ”The Search for Kaz” gives us the benefit of seeing the world through his mechanical eye.

What goes around comes around

Back in the series premiere, Kaz played darts with Grevel and lost when he used a trick dart. The dart landed on Bolza Grool’s back and the ensuing bar fight gave Kaz a bad name. The tables turn in “Dart and Cover” when Bucket’s dart lands on Kaz’s rear. It’s an amusing reference to the premiere and a reminder that what goes around comes around.

A kind boss

Jarek Yeager often comes across as the old man who yells at kids and tells them to get off his lawn. He just wants to do his job in the corner of the galaxy and avoid any trouble or annoyances. That said, it’s interesting to see a softer side to him in “Neeku’s Reward” when he offers to buy Neeku lunch. Not many bosses do that for their employees, so we appreciate seeing this kinder part of him.

The perfect duo

Flix and Orka are truly an odd couple. We haven’t seen them much in the series, but “When Thieves Drop By” demonstrates how the duo work off each other so well. This short also makes us curious as to how they came to know each other in the first place. Here’s hoping we get that origin story down the line.

Underwater treasures

Treasure Chest” re-emphasizes how there’s so much wreckage resting on the ocean floor. It’s fascinating to think about how there were past battles on Castilon. We can’t wait to see what else is hidden beneath the water! Maybe there’s something that could potentially be of use to Kaz and the Resistance in the future…

Own little worlds

We see Flix and Orka at Aunt Z’s tavern for the first time in “G-LN.” While grabbing a drink, Orka mentions something that really resonates with us. He said people get so wrapped up in their own worlds that they stop paying attention to what’s around them. It’s meant to be a comedic moment, but it’s a statement that rings true in today’s day and age.

Bucket’s bucket

What we love most about the droids in Star Wars is how they each have their own personality. Bucket might be ancient, but he still carries out his responsibilities and helps around the workshop. When he’s unable to find his helmet in “Bucket’s Quest,” we particularly love how he tells Kaz that he feels naked without it. Even droids have those thoughts from time to time.

Fazon does care

Hype Fazon is the kind of guy who lets the fame go straight to his head. He puts himself above everyone else, but in “Unmotivated,” we learn he deeply cares for his astromech droid. He even goes as far as to call the droid his baby. It’s a minor yet interesting detail about his character. Needless to say, we hope we get to see more of him in the second half of the season.

Aces in action

Speaking of the desire to see more of Hype, we also want to see more of the ace pilots as a whole. They’re such a colorful and intriguing group of characters. We love how “The Need for Speed” is a humorous reference to Top Gun. It’s also great to see the aces enjoying themselves in a casual race, something we haven’t seen since the start of the series.

He Speaks

Bo Keevil is a quiet ace pilot. We’ve only seen him a handful of times, mainly as he crashes into the water during a race. He doesn’t speak and he keeps to himself. That is, until “Sixty Seconds to Destruction” happens. Bo finally speaks! It’s a delightful surprise, and we hope this isn’t the last time we hear him speak up in the series.

Living his best life

Buggles is Torra’s 6-legged pet and leaving him in Kaz’s care might not have been the best idea, especially after Buggles takes the Fireball for a ride in “Buggles’ Day Out.” Buggles being adorable and living his best life is a highlight for us because we should all approach the New Year the way he does: living in the moment.

A thorn on Tam’s side

Kaz taking the Fireball without permission in “The Rematch” and damaging it again in the process will no doubt earn him an earful from Tam. We bet this takes place before “Station Theta Black,” so here’s hoping the Resistance repairs the Fireball and makes it fully functional. That way, Kaz stops being a thorn on Tam’s side and we can see the Fireball back in action again.

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Which short was your favorite? Do you want to see more shorts of this nature in the future? Let us know in the comments.

Star Wars Resistance returns on Sunday, Jan. 13, to the Disney Channel and Disney NOW.