11 video games you should have played throughout 2018

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2018 came with some solid games. There’s still plenty of time to play them, so here are our picks for the games you should have played during 2018.

Video games are awesome. But sometimes they can be just as infuriating, if you get stuck in a loop you can’t quite get out of. Or come across a boss you can’t quite beat. Maybe you just need to spend some time slaying boars in the forest to gain some XP.

2018 had its fair share of video games for our consumption. While it may not have been as epic as 2017, what with the Nintendo Switch coming out and new Zelda and Mario for us to live and breathe, 2018’s games are nothing to laugh at.

Here are our picks for the 11 games you should have played in 2018!

God of War

Put God of War in the running as one of the most gorgeous video games of the year. All of the callbacks to prior God of War games made this feel a little more nostalgic, too, while also updating the series.

Plus that ending makes you want the next game — or that rumored DLC, because dang. That’s like a Marvel Cinematic Universe post-credits scene that has you salivating kind of a game-changer.

Red Dead Redemption 2

I’ve loved every second of Red Dead Redemption 2. It never seems to run out of surprises. Whether hunting down a posted bounty or trying to pay off the price on your own head, the adventures are endless. I honestly don’t know how far into the main story I am. I just keep getting sidetracked by the rest of the world.

Plus there are those times when you pull off on the side of the road to help some stranger, only to watch his horse kick him in the head and kill him right in front of you. “Did he just die?!” I yelled the first time it happened.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

Look, we all had to watch Peter Parker fade out of existence in Tony Stark’s arms in Avengers: Infinity War, and we all cried (don’t deny it). Marvel’s Spider-Man makes up for us having to live through that. Slightly.

This game was made with Peter Parker in mind when it was designed. The quips alone are fantastic. The combat style takes some getting used to. And you can swing around New York—it’s everything you ever wanted.

It’s so much fun that you don’t care that it’s really just a clone of the Arkham Batman games that preceded it.

Sea of Thieves

It’s an open world pirating adventure that you can play by yourself, with strangers, or with friends.

Also a kraken attacks you out of nowhere and it is terrifying. And frustrating. It means of work down the drain if you can’t defeat him.

What else do you need in a video game?!

Fallout 76

You’re probably rolling your eyes that Fallout 76 is on this list, with how many issues it’s had. Look, its delivery isn’t anywhere near as bad as No Man’s Sky.

It’s very much a standard Fallout game… that also includes buggy multiplayer. Plus, if I can rock out to some Fats Waller, good Kay Kyser (there’s plenty of bad), and Ink Spots while I play my games, that’s a win in my book.