9 essential fashion trends you need to know for 2019

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The balloons haven’t quite fallen yet, but fashion never sleeps. We’ve put together nine essential fashion trends you need to know for 2019.

While sifting through runway shows and articles about trends for the upcoming 2019 year, it occurred to me to look back first. An interesting, yet unsurprising piece surfaced. My initial thoughts on what could have been the top trend for 2018 were, in no particular order: leopard print, plaid, or grunge. I was actually correct on all accounts.

As it turns out, Vogue named “nostalgia” the top fashion trend of 2018, with an assist by internet data. There were multiple designer reissues this year, notably Versace and Marc Jacobs. Additionally, Google reported the top fashion searches to be “’80s fashion,” “grunge style,” “’90s fashion,” and “2000s fashion” – in that order.

It’s human nature to have memories resurface. We often want to feel comforted and long for the good times. There are also people who may have either been too young to see a trend, or missed out on one. I personally saw one of my defining teenage fashion brands, Delia’s, make a return through current online boutique Dolls Kill. It’s hard to resist.

Because we live in this social media-driven world, it’s now so easy to share things from our past. Some Thursdays we throw up a #TBT on Instagram. In general, we’ve seen a heavy lean on authenticity. For many years, marketers have understood the need to relate to an audience, most often telling personal stories. We’re all now able to publicly author our own stories, be our authentic selves.

One of the most obvious and powerful ways to show our true selves, is through fashion, and our personal style. Heading into 2019, we’ll still be holding on to some of the 2018 – and older – nostalgia. Animal prints will continue to be popular. New collaborations will pop up. And we’ll start defining more of the future, by hopefully embracing more sustainability.

Let’s preview some of the upcoming looks.