Titans preview: The series refocuses on Kory and Rachel


Episode 10 on Titans redirects the narrative back to Kory in her titular episode, “Koriand’r.” Will the Titan finally remember who she is?

Titans episode 9 took a brief hiatus around the central plot to give us added context on Hank and Dawn (and potentially tease us for a Hawk and Dove solo series). This week’s episode, “Koriand’r” appears to realign the narrative back to the cliffhanger viewers are still clinging to in episode 8. Based on the title alone, we’re excited to learn more about Kory — and potentially watch the Titans fight an interdimensional demon.

Obviously, we aren’t talking about the demons the Winchesters hunt. We’re talking about Rachel’s dad, Trigon. Although the sneak peek into episode 10 seems to imply we’ll see more of Rachel’s demonic side in the next episode, we have a feeling Rachel’s darker presence might conclude the episode with another unbearably suspenseful moments — especially since the preview hints that Rachel opens a portal in the upcoming episode. Maybe she, or at least the evil side of her, starts to conjure up her father.

Aside from another apparently inevitably cliffhanger at the end of episode 10, “Koriand’r,” will likely start where episode 8 left us. You remember. Thanks to Rachel, Kory remembered parts of her past, including the mission that sent her to Earth. Then, because she was tasked with destroying the destroyer of worlds, Kory starts to strangle Rachel. Titans fans have had a rough couple of weeks waiting for some closure on this particular arch.

Titans — Ep. 110 — “Koriand’r” — Photo Credit: John Medland / 2018 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Along with more insight into Kory’s past, Titans episode 10 will bring Dick back to the team, as well as his (un)official big sister Donna Troy and her lasso. Although Donna’s lasso looks identical to her sister Diana Princes’ Lasso of Truth, Donna’s Lasso of Persuasion is slightly different. Both lassos have different names, but they have similar methods of persuading their captees to tell the truth. However, Donna’s lasso needs a captee who isn’t as powerful as whoever wields the lasso before it can compel the captee to tell the truth.

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Titans episode 10, “Koriand’r,” will ring in Donna to the team. And although Hank Hall isn’t featured in the preview, we’ll likely see Hawk join the Titans’ brood soon, based on last week’s episode of course. Viewers (along with ourselves) are mostly anticipating how the episode will bridge the gap between what Kory does and doesn’t know about herself. We’re also still hopeful that we’ll see some flashbacks of Kory’s family.