Nervous flier? Pre-flight puppy cuddles could help you out

If flying stresses you out, getting the chance to hug a cute dog could be a great way to feel better! One airport is doing just that for nervous fliers.

Going to the airport these days can be pretty stressful. You have to arrive hours early and deal with long TSA lines and then wait about to get onto a crowded plane. The food is expensive and not great, and it seems like airlines add new costs every time you fly. While airplane travel isn’t likely to get a lot better any time soon, if you’ve got a flight through the Sydney Airport, there is one thing that could make traveling a little better.

Hugging a cute puppy is a great stress reliever and can help make even the worst days better. Maybe that’s why American Airlines has started a program at the Sydney Airport to help anxious fliers. The airline teamed up with Assistance Dogs Australia to create emBark. The program will have cute dogs hanging out near airline counters at certain times during the week. People about to fly will be able to hang out and cuddle the dogs for a bit.

So, if you happen to ever be flying in or out of Sydney, look for these adorable doggos in the mornings on Tuesday and Thursday.

Along with easing anxious fliers before their flight, the new initiative will also raise awareness about the importance of service dogs. These furry pals at the airport are in the training process to become assistance dogs. So, this program is a win-win for everyone as it allows the dogs to learn things like how to stay calm and how to socialize.

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To be honest, we think more airlines should have these therapy dogs around. There are lots of things airlines and airports could do to make flying a little less stressful, and this is a great idea. While we would also like things like more legroom and free meals on long flights, we wouldn’t complain about the chance to see and pet cute dogs!

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