My Favorite Murder is the true crime voice we’ve always needed


The My Favorite Murder fandom has become a place for women and other marginalized groups to discuss true crime, but also do plenty of good.

Fandoms can be created around so many different kinds of things. While often you hear the word fandom and think of things like Marvel and Star Wars, there are also devoted fans of all kinds of television shows, celebrities, and even podcasts.

One podcast that has become exceedingly popular since it started in 2016 is My Favorite Murder, hosted by Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff. Thanks to its large and loyal fanbase, it made it into our Fandom 250 this year! Coming in at 248, fans of the podcast call themselves Murderinos, and they are super dedicated.

My Favorite Murder calls itself a true crime comedy podcast and the two women who created and host it discuss different murder cases each week. They often use humor and banter to tell the stories, and many fans have resonated with how Hardstark and Kilgariff approach thesis topics.

Especially as women, being concerned about being assaulted or murdered is a near-constant worry. Their comedy and frankness in dealing with these topics help people address their fears and anxieties. It’s almost therapeutic in a way, and, while many people are obsessed with true crime and there are many true crime podcasts and TV shows out there, My Favorite Murder stands out. Their feminist approach to talking about murder cases while creating a space where women can be true crime fans is largely why so many people have flocked to the podcast and the fandom.

The podcast has even gone on tour multiple times across several countries and continents. Their live podcasts have been some of the most successful and held in huge venues such as the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.

One of the things that make this podcast so enjoyable is how much the hosts interact with fans. They have mini-episodes where they read about fans own experiences with true crime or just other creepy experiences in general. They also regularly talk about and promote work by their fans, such as fan art and stories. Fans also love hearing the duo talk about their adorable pets — Elvis the cat has become a celebrity in his own right and we can’t get enough of him.

One of the greatest things about the My Favorite Murder fandom is how these two fabulous hosts have inspired their fandom to do a lot of good. They often hear from fans who have gotten together with other Murderinos in their area to raise money for good causes, especially causes related to sexual assault and helping victims.

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It’s inspiring to see a fandom that began from a rather comedic podcast turn into a community that’s all about helping victims and creating a much-needed dialogue about things such as assault and murder. And of course, it’s great to have female voices in a conversation and area of fandom that has long been dominated by men.

Here’s to you Murderinos for making this year’s Fandom 250!