Who got Kevin Smith to cry on the set of Star Wars: Episode IX?

Kevin Smith knows more about Star Wars: Episode IX than the average fan does at this point, but apparently, one performance is so good that it made him cry.

Fans of Star Wars have probably already emotionally prepared themselves a little bit for Episode IX next year. Even though we’ve only had two movies with characters like Rey, we’ve found ways to accept them into our hearts, and it may also be the last time we see Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker or Billy Dee Williams as Lando Calrissian.

But beyond that, though, Kevin Smith apparently had all of the feelings on the set due to one member of the cast, according to Star Wars News Net. SWNN transcribed his appearance on Lights, Camera, Barstool, and while some details are just nice to know, perhaps the most intriguing is the final one it presents: “I watched a performance that was a career best [sic] performance on set that made me cry.”

If your mind doesn’t immediately jump to Hamill, then we might suggest you go back and rewatch The Last Jedi. Even though you may not agree with where it went with Luke or much of the plot at all, it’s hard to deny that Hamill has a good performance in it; Luke finally gets to go beyond the occasionally whiny do-gooder and have some real depth, even if that depth also makes him seem like something of a “space virgin.” Additionally, depending on the nature of Luke’s appearance — whether he focuses on Rey or Kylo Ren or both — there’s a lot of potential for emotional resonance and tears.

But Williams isn’t a bad choice, either. Unlike Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and Hamill, Williams hasn’t come back to the saga for a part, and to see Lando Calrissian again, cape and all, might be enough to pluck at a fan’s heartstrings.

However, it could be that the new generation also has a collective chance to swing for the fences. What about Adam Driver or Daisy Ridley? After The Last Jedi, they, too have plenty of story left to tell, and both shone in The Last Jedi in their own ways.

Perhaps we’re just naming the most obvious choices here, but make no mistake: we think everyone in the cast has the ability to turn in a great performance. We’d love if Poe Dameron or Finn or Rose Tico made us cry, too. Maybe it’ll just be a two-hour tearfest. We’d be okay with that.