Harry Potter: Did you ever notice the optical illusion in the movie?

There is an optical illusion in Harry Potter that you could be forgiven for thinking was CGI. Any chance you spotted it?

Creating the world of Harry Potter could not have been an easy task. Impressive sets needed to be built, and CGI had to be relied upon. Not surprising really considering the magical world that J.K. Rowling created.

What is truly amazing is the props and sets that were built in order to make this world come to life, props that you would automatically think was CGI. One in particular, is an impressive optical illusion that fans would have pegged for either CGI, or a massive set.

You can see this impressive feat in the Leaky Cauldron scene, where an optical illusion is used to create the corridor of the magical pub and inn.

What looks like a corridor that stretches back at least 50 feet, with its walls and roof twisting and turning to the point that the only way it is still standing is because of, well, magic. You might have thought that this was either a huge construction project or some fancy CGI.

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Where in actual fact it a was tiny set in comparison, using an optical illusion to create the desired effect. The trick in focus is called forced perception.

This has become known since the prop was put out for all to see at The Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter in Watford, near London.

So it just goes to show you. That while the magical world of Harry Potter was being made. Magic was actually being used.

What do you think about this little nugget of magical wonder? Did you already know about this? Drop a comment below sharing your thoughts below.