4 women we need to see in the female-led Spider-Man spinoff


Sony is reportedly gearing up for a women-led Spider-Man spinoff, and we have some suggestions of Spider-Gals we hope to see in the film.

The highly anticipated (and highly-rated) Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse hasn’t even debuted; however, Sony already has plans for the future of the Spider-Verse, and the future is female in the multi-dimensional worlds of spiders. After reports started circulating that Sony might have plans for a Spider-Women spinoff, our character-casting and fan-casting started to intensify. While there are swarms of spider-related comic characters, we have a few Spider-Women that we think would be perfect for the spinoff.

Sony doesn’t stop weaving its spider-centered web with Spider-Verse media. This past summer, Variety reported that Sony is developing a movie based on Marvel’s Silk comics about Korean-American hero Cindy Moon. Who knows? Perhaps Cindy will be featured in her upcoming solo film as well as the all-female Spider-Man spinoff.

Other than Cindy’s hopeful cameo, we hope that Gwen Stacy and Peni Parker will reprise their roles in the spider universe. Beyond Cindy, Gwen and Peni, Marvel comics has a network of women characters we hope to see in this female-focused Spidey film.

Jessica Drew (i.e. Spider-Woman) in New Avengers (2005) #14. Photo Credit: Marvel Comics.

1. Jessica Drew

There have been multiple women in Marvel history who have donned the Spider-Woman guise. However, it’s nearly impossible to ignore Jessica Drew’s time as Spider-Woman. From enhanced strength, super speed and those canonical spidey reflexes, Jessica has it all—as well as the experience working within the S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Spider-Army.

Some Twitter users are already fan-casting actresses for the role of Spider-Woman.

We’d have to agree that Jameela Jamil would make a perfect Jessica Drew. (Plus, both Jamil and Jessica have British accents.)

Anya Corazon in Spider-Girl Vol. 2 (2011) #1. Photo Credit: Marvel Comics.

2. Araña

The gymnast and crime fighter, Anya Corazon, is well-versed in combat and the WebCorps. She also has a unique ability that allows her to use an exoskeleton to protect herself, like an actual arthropod.

Mayday Parker (Spider-Girl) in Spider-Girl Vol. 1 #1. Photo Credit: Marvel Comics.

Eventually, Anya did take on the Spider-Girl name after a few cases of mistaken identity regarding her alias. So she’s definitely a viable candidate to appear in this spinoff and other future Spidey films.

3. Mayday Parker

That’s right: MJ and Peter Parker’s daughter also took on the family business, as Spider-Woman and Spider-Girl at different periods of time.

Granted, May “Mayday” Parker isn’t the only Mayday Parker to where a web-decorated suit. May Parker, the interdimensional jettisoning Spider-Girl from Earth-1122, is also a critical character in Marvel comic history. After all, she is an intergalactic, interdimensional, Celestial-fighting warrior.

Mary Jane (Spinneret) and Annie May Parker (Spiderling) in Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #15. Photo Credit: Marvel Comics.

4. MJ

Gwen Stacy isn’t Peter Parker’s only significant other to get a triumphant retcon into superherodom. Mary Jane Watson joined Peter and their daughter under the Spinneret disguise to do whatever a spider can. Frankly, we just to see MJ and Annie May team up as a Spidey family in the spinoff. If Spider-Mom does make it into the on-screen spinoff, we just hope that Sony doesn’t get into the same habit of killing her off like Marvel Comics.

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There are plenty of other Spider-Women, Spider-Girls, and arachnid-themed women characters that we’d love to see in the female-led spinoff. After all, we couldn’t imagine a film packed with spider women without Madame Web, too.

Given how brief her arch as Spider-Girl was, we’re keen to see Kitty Pryde donned her green and yellow suit again—but we’d rather see Kitty kick butt as Kitty Pyrde before moonlighting under another moniker first. (Plus, Sony would have to get rights to her character first.)

Admittedly, our preview into Marvel’s world of Spider-Women is limited. While we’d love to give you an extensive history on each of the aforementioned heroes’ achievements, our list doesn’t even graze the surface of the multitudes of Spider-Gals from Marvel Comics that we’d love to see in the women-led Spider-Man spinoff.