3 reasons Rocket and Groot should seriously get their own spinoff


It’s rumored that a Rocket and Groot spinoff is the latest pitch for Marvel’s set of Disney+ series. And while it’s just a rumor, this absolutely needs to happen.

Disney+ is the official name of Disney’s streaming service, if you haven’t heard. And they’re apparently looking for Marvel to claim a big stake in the offering of original content they have planned for its release. As the news has been piling up monumentally as of late: they’ve got a Scarlet Witch, Loki, and Falcon and Winter Soldier series planned already.

And it sounds like they’re not stopping there. There are recent rumors that a Rocket Raccoon and Groot series has been pitched for Disney+ as well. That Hashtag Show sparked these rumors, but they’re encouraging people to take this with a grain of salt — since Disney reps have not yet confirmed that the show’s pitch was approved (or if it was even pitched in the first place.) Still, if Disney needs some convincing that the two Guardians do need spinoff series, here’s why.

Character development. Character development. Character development.

Ring, ring. Yes, hello. This is fundamental character building calling, and Rocket and Groot need some TLC. It’s no surprise that Marvel is picking secondary characters to headline these shows, because they truly have the tendency to get left and forgotten when it comes to the bigger characters. Rocket and Groot have starred in three movies so far, but we don’t know a ton about their history together, or even their individual pasts. They’ve always taken a backseat to Star-Lord, Gamora, and even Nebula. So it’s about time we learn more about Rocket and Groot.

Everybody loves them

Love him or hate him, James Gunn developed the Guardians of the Galaxy team from being random comic book heroes to household names. Groot, especially. Just think about how well Groot is loved by kids and adults alike. If Marvel is pulling together characters that families can enjoy, you know Disney would be all for it. Families are often Disney’s primary target, after all. If they really are trying to appeal to families though, we might expect their PG-13 humor to be simmered down to PG. But that’s only a minor trade-off.

It’s a last-ditch effort for Guardians of the Galaxy

Let’s face it, Guardians of the Galaxy is facing some tough times right now. With Vol. 3 on hold as Disney searches for a new director, the movie could likely be delayed into 2021. A Rocket and Groot series probably wouldn’t be ready before the third movie, naturally. But Guardians might be on its last legs anyway.

So far, no Marvel standalone has gone past three movies. Though, Guardians is different because it’s a team-based movie and not a solo hero film, so there’s still a chance they can come back later in different films… or spinoff series. With that said, having mini-adventures with Groot and Rocket would be the perfect way to keep the Guardians franchise alive. Because honestly, I don’t think anyone would be quite ready to say goodbye to Rocket and Groot so soon.

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If Rocket and Groot were to get a series, what kind of adventures would you like to see them go on? Let us know by leaving a comment below.