Star Wars Resistance preview: Tam confides in a new friend

Tam Ryvora and Synara San hang out and bond over lunch in the latest preview for “Synara’s Score.” Will the newfound friendship affect Synara in a positive way?

In this next Star Wars Resistance episode, the defenses of the Colossus are in dire need of repair, especially if they are to endure another pirate attack. While the ace pilots are their first line of defense, they also have other responsibilities to carry out. That means the platform’s systems need to be fully operational. As a result, Captain Doza enlists the help of Yeager and his team to get the job done.

Meanwhile, Tam befriends Synara, unaware of the fact that she is a pirate and spying for Kragan Gorr. As we saw in the previous episode, Synara is doing her part of the plan by blending in, but could this new way of life and possible newfound friendship convince her to turn away from her pirate life?

It wouldn’t be the first time a character on the opposite side of a struggle had a positive influence on another character with a morally questionable background. The most notable example happened in Star Wars Rebels when Zeb Orrelios helped put things into perspective for Agent Kallus. Kallus transitioned from being an Imperial ISB agent to a secret rebel informant. It just goes to show how we each have the power to positively affect those around us.

Watch Tam talk about her past with Synara in this recent clip:

This clip is less than a minute long, but it gives us so much juicy information.

First off, we discover Tam’s dad was a pro racer. The desire to fly at unimaginable speeds and compete with others must be hereditary since Tam also wants to be a racer in life. Unfortunately for her, things fell apart when she had to bet against her own ship to gain credits. She lost the race, lost her ship, and has had to work as a mechanic ever since. Her struggle is real and plenty of us can identify with the desire to do something amazing in life. But like Tam, some dreams have to be put on hold in order to save up enough money.

We are curious, though. Will her dreams of being a racer change once the intentions of the First Order are made known to the galaxy? Will she let go of her race pilot dream and find a new purpose in life by joining the Resistance as a fighter pilot? After all, dreams have a way of taking new shapes when we least expect it.

Something else that stands out to us? Tam’s story resonates with Synara. She tells Tam, “It seems we both want the same thing: more than what life has offered us.” To us, this is a very good sign. Synara is showing a side of herself she probably wouldn’t have shown to anyone else, even Kaz. And even more amazing, this clip shows us two women connecting and confiding in each other.

While Star Wars Resistance has done a great job in the storytelling department, it hasn’t done much in the way of showing women hanging out with other women. Tam is the only woman in Yeager’s crew. Torra and Freya are ace pilots, but we haven’t seen them talk to each other in a casual setting. In fact, we’ve barely seen Freya and the other pilots. Through Synara and Tam, we’re finally getting these much-needed interactions and we can’t wait to see what happens next.

Watch this brand-new episode of Star Wars Resistance on Nov. 18 on the Disney Channel at 10 p.m. ET/PT or on DisneyNOW.