American Horror Story: Apocalypse finale: The world is saved, sort of


The finale of American Horror Story: Apocalypse has come. The witches have a plan to save the world, but things never go smoothly when it comes to good vs. evil.

American Horror Story: Apocalypse‘s long-awaited finale starts in the thick of the action, as we learn our witches’ plan to save the world. The witches won’t be able to stop the apocalypse from happening, as Michael is too powerful. But as last week’s episode revealed, they may be able to reverse a few things once the world ends.

The finale reveals how Mallory, Dinah, and Coco were placed under identity spells, something that many people speculated over at the beginning of the season. And while it’s great to finally have this revealed, it’s a shame everything we speculated is true. I was hoping for more twists and turns this season, but this finale had less tricks up its sleeve than I would have liked.

Outpost Three is revisited in the finale, post-apocalypse and all. An interesting aspect for the finale is the revisiting of earlier scenes, ones we had nearly forgotten about at this point. AHS braids scenes from the first three episodes with new ones, adding a little background to what was truly going on.

The dialogue in this episode was a bit stunted and honestly a bit corny, but it was enjoyable to see Michael Langdon back at the height of his power again. It’s hard to see any of this as scary, however. I wish the season would have focused on more of the horror aspects of the end of the world, but maybe it’s difficult to take this biblical apocalypse seriously.

One of the highlights of this episode was the return of Angela Bassett as Marie Laveau. Bassett herself said that she wouldn’t be in this season, and her return was a well-welcomed surprise. The best line of the season? Marie Laveau saying, “You’re dealing with the HBIC now.”

Not surprisingly, this episode kept us all on edge. Just when it looked like the witches were going to enact their plan and save the world, everything went to hell, literally and figuratively. We were treated to many gory highlights (if you want to call them that) such as Michael Langdon eating Marie Laveau’s heart, Madison’s head exploding, and lots of stabbing and blood.

Another high point was the interchange between Cordelia and Michael. Cordelia’s wisdom and maturity show through against Michael’s youth and reckless vanity. While it was tragic to see Cordelia die (for a hot minute), this was the only logical conclusion for the season. She had to die in order for Mallory to have enough power to rise as the new Supreme.

In the end, the Antichrist was defeated by Mallory going back in time and running him over — a very anticlimactic and lazy ending in a way. Of all the ways he could have been defeated, this is how AHS does it?

To wrap things up, we learn Cordelia and many of the others are still alive, although certain events are shifted because of the new timeline that Mallory creates. And while I wouldn’t want Cordelia to be dead, it’s unfortunate that there wasn’t a lot at stake or heavier losses upon the Coven. Heartbreak makes for an intriguing storyline.

Emily and Timothy turned out to be important in the end, although not as Adam and Eve figures, but as the new parents of a new Antichrist figure, suggesting that the inevitable end of the world can’t be avoided. Will the next season keep on this same train of thought or ignore this fact altogether?

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