Star Wars Resistance: The survivors of Tehar and the New Republic


Kaz and Neeku help save two children. Now, we’re curious if these kids could have changed the New Republic’s perspective on the First Order.

At the end of “The Children from Tehar,” Kaz contacts the Resistance to tell them about what the First Order did on the planet Tehar. According to the two children he helped assist throughout the episode, Kylo Ren destroyed their village and they are the only two survivors.

Ello Asty, Kaz’s contact, doesn’t recognize the planet and he says it might be from the Unknown Regions. While it’s not totally clear, it sounds like the First Order is eradicating entire civilizations in order to acquire strategic locations necessary to carry out their plans.

Besides some of the Outer Rim territories, mostly everyone in the New Republic is going about their daily lives unaware of the destruction and genocide happening in other parts of the galaxy. According to them, as long as the First Order abides by the Galactic Concordance — a peace treaty that marked the end of the Galactic Civil War — there is no reason to consider the First Order as a threat.

The First Order, however, has been violating the treaty in secret. To make matters worse, many in the Senate don’t believe the rumored reports of their continued growth. They even branded Leia Organa, who voiced and protested against the First Order, as a warmonger and sullied her good name and reputation in the process. That’s why Leia went ahead and created her own private military force, the Resistance, as a way to keep the First Order in check.

With two children surviving a First Order attack in this recent episode, would meeting these survivors of Tehar change the New Republic’s mind on the First Order?

After all, seeing is believing.

Just think of when Harry Potter claimed Voldemort had returned after Cedric Diggory’s death in the Triwizard Tournament. Minister Cornelius Fudge refused to believe him. However, after the Battle of the Department of Mysteries, Fudge saw Voldemort with his own eyes. It was at that point he admitted Harry and Professor Albus Dumbledore had been correct about Voldemort’s return all along.

What if Leia or Poe had turned up at the Colossus and collected the two children as proof to show the Senate what the First Order did to their people? Would they have believed her then? Would they have acted differently and prepared themselves for the war to come? Would they have called it a hoax and branded the children as fakes? Or was the corruption and ignorance in the Senate already a deep-seated problem and no amount of proof would have made a difference?

We imagine some like-minded senators who shared Leia’s concerns about the First Order would have said something. Unfortunately, the fact of the matter is we’ll never know. Star Wars: The Force Awakens is evidence of how some lessons are never fully learned and history has a way of repeating itself. For now, Kaz made a small difference in his quest to assist the Resistance. Sometimes, the smallest actions can have the biggest impact.

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In the meantime, the next episode of Star Wars Resistance airs on Sunday, Nov. 11, at 10 p.m. ET/PT on the Disney Channel.