Why Julia Roberts won’t watch her niece Emma Roberts in American Horror Story


Emma Roberts is known for her role of Madison on American Horror Story, but her very famous aunt won’t watch the show. Here’s why.

Emma Roberts, star of American Horror Story and Scream Queens, has definitely made a name for herself as a dramatic “scream queen” on television. She plays Madison Montgomery in this season American Horror Story, a character she also played in season three of the show.

While Emma Roberts might stand out in these creepy and scary roles, her famous aunt isn’t here for it. Julia Roberts doesn’t watch American Horror Story because it is just too scary for her.

While American Horror Story definitely isn’t the scariest of horror shows around, it does have its moments. From gore to jump scares to creepy aesthetics, if you hate horror, it might not be your thing.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Emma Roberts said Julia doesn’t watch the show because it freaks her out, not because she’s not supportive.

“She’s too scared,” Emma shared. “I’m basically too scared to watch it even”

Emma Roberts agrees that sometimes the show can be a bit scary, even for her, and she stars in it. She explained, “Because when you’re shooting it, it’s not scary and then… they add in all the effects and cut it together. I mean, I sometimes watch it with my eyes closed. I don’t blame her.”

Sounds like shooting the show is a lot different than watching it, and it’s a bit ironic and also adorable that Emma Roberts gets freaked out watching her own show. Emma also pointed out that the show continues to get more and more twisted, so it’s not very likely that Julia will want to watch it any time soon.

Julia Roberts also told Entertainment Weekly about how she just isn’t into horror.

“Emma, sweetheart, I don’t think I can watch this show that you’re in. I don’t watch things like that,” she said.

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Clearly, Julia Roberts knows what she is all about and isn’t willing to budge, even for her niece. We think she should at least watch some highlights, even if she skips the scary stuff, because Emma Roberts has some iconic moments in that series!